Gaming Goals Review: July

Gaming Goals Review: July

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I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I had reduced my goals for July because I knew that we would have limited play time as we had ten days of vacation time, as well as getting ready to move on August 1st. So, let’s see if tuning down my goals made them easier to accomplish!

WildStar Goals



  • Reach level 30
  • Armorsmithing up to level 30 gear



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach 35 MRD
  • Reach 30 GLA


  • Reach level 15
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Reach level 30 (Jhi’salith)
  • Reach level 20 (Jadz’iaa)
  • Access my personal ship
  • Try out the ship PvP
  • Max 1 of 3 professions to 400


  • Get to Blue Mountains
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog!


  • Play some more to get past the first few quests
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog I put up Episode 2
So uhh. This month? Even though I made my list of goals things I thought would be minuscule and easy to accomplish didn’t make them easy to accomplish. However, I did get close to a good many few.
In WildStar, I’m only about six AMP/AP points away from max for each one, which should be easily accomplished via Elder Gems, assuming I keep up with my dailies. And doing dailies will lead to the max reps. And I’m so damn close! And then I can focus on the other two daily zones. Oy. I don’t think I’ll keep the PvP goal on my list, for now. I’m too busy in real life, trying to adjust to a new apartment and new commute, and still unpacking and the like. I did get close to posting one Yardcore this month–I recorded one with Katia Managan (the racetrack extraordinaire) on July 4th, but real life kept cropping up and preventing me from doing much with videos at all. That will be posted next week, sometime, and then I need to find another volunteer to hit up for this month (August). Bauxyte is level 28, so I’m close to my goal of level 30–and I’m happy with how far I’ve gotten her. She’s a bunch of fun.
My FFXIV goals ended up being highly far-fetched. I think I logged into Final Fantasy twice the entire month? Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of time. I really feel like I should have cut down more on my goals overall.
SWTOR goals also ended up being far-fetched, because I didn’t log into the game at all this month. I’m hoping to convince Chaide that we can do some time on a Friday night or some such just to work on the story. I really don’t like that the game seems to favor single-player more than multiple-player. It’s probably one of the things I dislike the most.
While we got in some time in TSW, we never did get to the Blue Mountains, nor run Hell. Again, not for lack of wanting–but lack of time. Same with the videos. I almost have the first LP finished, but it’s a bit of a long video, and the computer I was using to edit it kept crashing and pissing me off. The first few times I edited it, I lost everything and had to restart, as the initial save was crashing me. Grrr. Hoping to get that first one out this month, even if it is a tad long.
I got a Torchlight video up, but I didn’t get in any playtime. It may be my “play on lunch” game when I do work from home days. I do have one more video to finish out for it, and I’ve been having fun putting them together.
Later today I plan to post my goals for the month of August. And I think I should probably cut down on them overall. Have you guys been setting gaming goals for yourselves? How goes the progress?

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