Gaming Goals: August

Gaming Goals: August

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I’ve been enjoying putting together this gaming goals thing I decided to try out in June. It’s helped me a bunch with focusing my time, especially when I was lacking it. Last month I had a lot of real life, so I didn’t complete nearly as many goals as I wanted to. So this month I think I’m going to cut down on them a little bit more, too. First, because I dislike having things unchecked on my list, and second, I’m adjusting to a new schedule IRL (plus some extra events this month), plus I’ve started dedicating two nights a week to raid (assuming IRL doesn’t interfere).

So, without further ado, my gaming goals for August!

WildStar Goals


  • Reach the max tier of the PvP contracts for the first time ever
  • Reach max reputation in Crimson Badlands
  • Reach max rep in Northern Wastes
  • Complete my AMP (55) and AP (48) points
  • Put up Yardcore Nexus twice for the month
  • Check out the PTR!
  • Down Kuralak (GA)
  • Down at least one new mini-boss (GA)


  • Reach level 32
  • Armorsmithing up to level 30 gear



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach 10 CUL


  • Reach level 15 ARC
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Purchase Togrutas!
  • Possibly race-change Jhi’salith to Togruta instead of Chiss? (Thoughts?)
  • Reach level 30 (Jhi’salith)
  • Reach level 20 (Jadz’iaa)


  • Get to Blue Mountains
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Put up first LP video!

Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Purchase/Play
  • Screenshot and Blog GALORE!

There you have it! Come September I’ll revisit the list and see what got done, and what didn’t. And once again, re-evaluate based on where I’m at in games, and what I have planned for the coming month!

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