#Listmas Gaming Goals Review: November

#Listmas Gaming Goals Review: November

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I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I reduced my goals the past few months due to real life, and I think I started getting things to a reasonable goal list. But, we’ll see in a moment.

Finding images for these posts is kinda difficult…

WildStar Goals




  • Level 20 MIN
  • Level 40 WAR
  • Level 35 GLD
  • Level 5 PGL
  • Level 15 CNJ
  • Pick up PLD


  • Finish through 2015 Halloween content
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Put up third LP video


  • I’m doing these as a bullet because my brain is so fragmented with life-stress that it’s easier than writing coherent paragraphs
  • I feel like each month I say “I thought X was busy, HAH! This month trumped it!” But yeah, it’s true. You should see the draft of my December goals… (or lack thereof)
  • My summary of WildStar for the past month is pretty much just everything in Episode 77 of the Wildcast Podcast. Avid had me on to talk about Thaydfest 3 since he and Behalter missed it.
  • Yeah, I didn’t get Yardcore 9 up. It’s half-edited. Like I said–life. It’s my goal to finish it up tonight, hopefully?
  • I killed it in XIV. We played a lot of it. I leveled a lot of alt classes. I’m excited to get to the 2.0 story. I think my WAR is now 46ish?
  • We didn’t finish TSW Halloween–we had to have Kaidan unlocked to complete the 2015 stuff, so we said “screw it” and worked on more Blue Mountains quests
  • We did purchase the Ultimate Edition (all three of us) and gifted one of the base-game copies to our friend Sylver
  • She’ll be joining us in the future on our Let’s Play videos, but she kind of refuses to use TeamSpeak (if it’s being recorded), so I’m trying to figure out how to set up a “just party chat” channel so I don’t need to block chat out on the videos and people can see her comments
  • The third TSW video is in the works. It, like Yardcore, is half done. Real life. You know.
  • I’ll get December’s goals up at some point
  • I also want to participate in the “12 Days of Geekmas” thing but feel so far behind. And I don’t want to spam with possible double-posts. And I’ve kind of nothing to say about a few of the fandoms on the list…

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