#Listmas Gaming Goals: December

#Listmas Gaming Goals: December

This post is a part of the #Listmas initiative. Check it out and participate!

This gaming goals thing I decided to try out in June has truly proven to be of use to me to organize my game-time and make the most of it, especially in these busy times.

Once again cutting down because it’s halfway through December already, and we’ve vacation and won’t be able to MMO.

WildStar Goals


  • Work towards the last two AP (48) points!
  • Put up Yardcore 9
  • Winterfest Fun!!!!!!!!!



  • Level 50 WAR
  • Do the Christmas event


  • Put up third LP video
  • Finish Blue Mountains!
  • Complete the Christmas events!

FFXIV Longterm Goals

I put together this post a while ago, but let’s see how I’m doing and where I’m at and what I want to work on next and if I’ve adjusted anything (which I have)! It is Listmas, after all… I’m only going to cover DOW, as I’m not really focusing on DOM just yet.

  • GLA 30
  • Obtain WAR, level as main Job
  • GLA 34
  • CNJ 34
  • ARC 30
  • Obtain BRD
  • PGL 46
  • LNC 15
  • Obtain MNK
  • LNC 34
  • Obtain DRG
  • Obtain DRK
  • CNJ 15
  • Obtain PLD
  • ROG 30
  • Obtain NIN
  • Obtain MCH
  • WAR 60, assuming not already completed
  • DRK 60
  • PLD 60
  • DRG 60
  • BRD 60
  • MNK 60
  • NIN 60
  • MCH 60

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