Yardcore and Wildcast

Yardcore and Wildcast

Yardcore Nexus | Episode 9 – Slade Frackwell

Frackwell was kind enough to offer to volunteer as tribute (back in September!) for Yardcore Nexus, where I tour a plot in WildStar and interview the creator!

Get in touch with Frackwell:
WildStar Forums
In Game – Slade Frackwell

Want to be a part of Yardcore Nexus? Contact me with your character’s name on Entity and we’ll set up a time!

Wildcast Podcast Ep. 78

If this title seems familiar, it’s because, well, I’ve used it before… sorta. I hopped onto Episode 77 of Wildcast to discuss ThaydFest, as I linked to in my November Gaming Review post, where I talked a lot about what I’d done relating to my goals, oddly enough.

Wildcast Ep. 78: Winterfest is Here!

And I’m excited to say that I’m back again on Episode 78… as the third official co-host for the podcast! So if you’re into Wildstar, check us out! This episode we talk about Winterfest, cash shop pricing, and more. Next episode will be out on January 15th, so keep your ears out, and I’ll be posting a link to it on the blog, as well.

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