Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 7-12

Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 7-12

I enjoyed writing up my reactions to the first six episodes, and definitely plan on continuing. In this bit, I’m going to delve into episodes 7-12 of Season 1. This batch of episodes is also a mixed bag, but had some stellar episodes as well. In fact, it ended up in a better position than the previous six episodes.

*I have color coded the episodes using green (I enjoyed it), yellow (I could take it or leave it), and red (I didn’t enjoy it (or possibly didn’t watch it—check the summary)).

Episode 7: Ghost in the Machine

An episode focusing around Artificial Intelligence. Think anything by Asimov, and it’s pretty much this episode. The episode overall was… uneventful. Forgettable, even. I know I watched it. I vaguely recall the ending. It didn’t leave a mark, but it obviously wasn’t terrible, either. An improvement over the prior two episodes, however.

Episode 8: Ice

This is a great episode based off of a novella and movie. Scully, Mulder, and a team of scientists end up in Alaska to figure out why another team of scientists all killed each other. Gripping episode with great story and character development.

Episode 9: Space

This episode is one of my least favorites. While going back through the list of episodes from Season 1 to complete the post, I saw it on the list and went, “UGH! That one was so dumb!!!“. I mean, everyone has their own opinion about episodes, but this one was another that I seriously considered why I even watched it.

Episode 10: Fallen Angel

This is an episode focusing on the main story, and one that has a character that comes back later on in another season. The episode is pretty good, and delves more into Mulder’s backstory. I really enjoyed it, though some of it moved a little bit on the slow side and I wanted it to just get to the point.

Episode 11: Eve

Another great one. Two fathers on the opposite side of the country are murdered at the same time in the same way. It’s a “creepy kid” episode with some neat lore and mythology. I really enjoyed it, plus Harriet Harris was in it, and she’s one of my favorite TV actresses.

Episode 12: Fire

Another monster-of-the-week episode, but it’s a great story, plus young-and-sexy Mark Sheppard is in it. I mean, HELLO! Of course it’s a good episode. Kidding aside, it really is a great story and well acted. I enjoyed it a great deal.

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