Why I Became a Grand Master

Why I Became a Grand Master

It’s Purchased

I didn’t get the post out in time to let folks purchase it.

If you haven’t heard by now, The Secret World is revamping their membership benefits, which went into effect earlier today. Also of note, the Grand Master pack is on sale for 25% off—for a total of $150 USD. Chaide and I took a look at our finances, finagled some things around, and picked up the Grand Master pack last week, and we have no regrets about our purchase.

Is It Worth It?

Before we decided to shell out $300 total, we took a look at our upcoming finances first, and then looked at what we’d spent on the game since playing it to see if purchasing the pack was worth the cost.

A subscription to the game costs $15 a month, and at the current price, the GM pack is ten months of subscription time. We asked ourselves: will we still be playing this game at the end of 2016? The answer is, more than likely, yes! Even if we aren’t, we’ve spent large amounts of cash on games we’re no longer playing—even more than $150 (Neverwinter, and World of Warcraft I’m looking at you!!). And this was when we didn’t particularly have much disposable income. However, we love the game, the community, and the story so much that we plan to play it for a long time.

We took a look at when we first subscribed to the game, which happened to be back in November 2015. Since then, we’ve dropped approximately $100 each on the game, including our four months of subscription. Since many of those purchases were extra Funcom points, we’ll definitely still be spending on the game, but now with a 20% discount in the store, our bonus points and purchased points will go a little bit farther.

So yes. Based on the things we looked at, it is worth it to us. Plus the awesome new member benefits, which were really the big sell. Like, seriously. Paying that big chunk of change to not have to pay a sub again, and then still spend $15 a month on coins for getting new things? Yep. Sold.

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