Gaming Goals Review: January

Gaming Goals Review: January

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I’ve kept reducing my goals due to real life, and I think I hit a stride heading into December, and have kept it up for the most part.

Look! I made a pretty chart of my game time for the month!


  • Get my last AP (48 total) point! Completed!
  • Rune out my DPS set with class runes (pants) Completed! (And put them in shoulders)
  • Get my tanking set figured out on Chestnut Completed!
  • Level up alts to burn up all the rested XP they have Completed!



  • WAR 50
  • PLD 40
  • ARC 25
  • CNJ 20



  • Finish Tokiwa’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara) Completed!
  • Finish Kagura’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara) Completed!
  • Play some more Shadowrun Returns and get the videos over to QueueTimes
Overall not bad! I completed all my WildStar goals, granted, they weren’t overly difficult, per se. I mean, grinding out the dailies for the plat and the elder gems was a bit cringe worthy. So I think I’ve just accepted that I will be poor in that game because there are better things to do with my time than grind out plat.
I surprisingly didn’t get much time in with Final Fantasy. A large portion of that is due to the fact that Chaide is more into The Secret World at the moment, and in a way I am, too. We’re still chugging away at level 50 once a week, though, so sometime in February we’ll hit it, I’m sure. My goals will definitely be changing based upon my game time, and prior obligations in February/March.
We finally made it out of the Blue Mountains in TSW! HURRAH! I’ve actually written a lot about The Secret World lately, and have been working my butt off at putting the videos together. I’m hoping to have the next one out soon(tm). The story is absolutely amazing, and we’re loving Egypt! So far, it’s one of our favorite zones.
Oh my…
On Steam, I’ve kind of been addicted to Otomes. I finished out the two routes I wanted to, and started on Iroha’s route. I’m hoping to work on that more this month, and finally finish out the game. I’ve spent countless hours in Men of Yoshiwara in both December and January. As for Shadowrun Returns? I’m hoping to have some free time to get it in… soon(tm). I’d also really like to finish up Torchlight. Chaide is interested in trying to get in some Torchlight II together as a Let’s Play. He enjoys being a part of those, when I do them. I think because he doesn’t have to do the editing… I kid! Partially. I know he just likes spending time with me and sharing my interests, and creating Let’s Play videos is one of them.
Anyway, expect a nice new list of goals for February SOON(TM)!

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