Level 49… So Close!

Level 49… So Close!

Little Ladies’ Day

I’ve been trying to get Chaide back into FFXIV a little bit by trying to play at least once a week for a few hours. He’s still feeling a bit jaded from when the MSQ (spoilers) had you go around for five levels or so just doing one-off stupid quests to put together a banquet. Definitely not the strongest part of the story, but one he’s not been able to put past him in worry that it will some day do it again. Which, so far as I know, it will not, because I’ve only been told the story gets good from where we are. But I cannot guarantee because I have not yet experienced it.

So we logged in this week to try to hit 50, and do the new Holiday event. I always like to do Holiday events in-games, and even though we can’t use the cosmetic items in FFXIV (yet) I like to collect them for when we are able to. Especially (1) for the achievements and (2) because they’re so easy, and not very grindy!

Granted, this one was probably more “grindy” than others, if you wanted to hear all about the girls and their interests. Chaide wasn’t particularly a fan of this event. He commented that, “it’s probably much more appealing to girls who like cutesy things”. And damn straight I loved it! It was totally like an Otome! It was so cute!

Well, except for the Lala with the weird pedo-stache.

I didn’t finish out everything with the girls to learn about them, I don’t know if I will based on my lack of time, but I did do a few extras for some shoes to go with my new dress. I should log on to see if there’s an achievement for completing all the options to talk to them. I’ll definitely make the time to do so if there is.

Ding 49

After doing the Holiday event, we decided to run an Aurum Vale to see how much of a level it’d get us. We ended up with just over half a level and obtaining 49. It went pretty much flawlessly, despite a few “oops” pulls from folks, and Cam taking a dirt nap on the big Ogre guy. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to open up new dungeons, though. Like the Hard Mode versions and such.

Also looking forward to getting back to the Main Story Quest now that we’re level 49. I’m just hoping that we can push to 50 from the quests, without having to run yet another Aurum Vale.

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