Gaming Goals Review: February

Gaming Goals Review: February

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I’ve kept reducing my goals due to real life, and I think I hit a stride heading into December, and have kept it up for the most part.

For the sake of comparison


  • Finish Celestion achievements
  • Get Bauxyte to level 40 Completed!
  • Cycle through toons to burn rested EXP Completed!
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10

Final Fantasy XIV

  • WAR 50
  • FSH 30
  • BOT 30
  • MIN 30
  • Start working on crafting professions to clean out retainers

The Secret World

  • Try to finish out Egypt
  • Upload completed Let’s Play 3 and 4

Blade & Soul

  • Reach level 20
  • Run at least one dungeon (preferably with friends)

Steam, etc.

  • Finish Men of Yoshiwara
  • Pick up Cat Goes Fishing and play some
  • Get up to Chapter 5 in Code: Realize Completed!
  • Play some more Torchlight
So it’s not hard to see based on both the chart and the goals I obtained that real life pretty much kicked my butt this past month. Work has been super busy, and with a friends’ wedding coming up in a few weeks, Chaide and I have both been slogged with obligations related to that (especially since Chaide is in the wedding).
For comparison between January and February…
  • 29 less hours of WildStar
  • 9 less hours of Final Fantasy
  • 32 less hours of The Secret World
  • 16 less hours of Men of Yoshiwara
  • No Paladins (down 14 hours)
  • No Animal Jam (down 15 hours)
  • No Pirate 101 (down 12 hours)
  • Added 10 hours of Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • Added 2 hours of Blade & Soul
  • Added 3 hours of Black Desert Online
  • 189 total hours in January
  • 77 total hours in February
  • Overall down 112 hours of game-time
I wish the Achievement Granted crap didn’t show up on top… I wonder if I hide UI if the Level Up will go away?
I had started on the Celestion achievements, and am only a few short, but got distracted by swapping out to burn some rested EXP on the toons, and I took advantage of the Bonus XP Weekend (and a lot of flasks) to get Bauxyte to 50! I even did Crimson Badlands once, and am half-way to her key. I have some gear it’s worth tossing non-set runes into for now, and I’d love to start getting her attuned for some variety.
We ended up hitting 49 in Final Fantasy, and I’m hoping we finally hit 50 in March. We shall see, though. My work from home days haven’t been conducive to lunches where I plop in front of my personal computer (instead of the work ones) for an hour with Netflix running, food in hand, and farm-time. So again, hoping to carry over a lot of those goals. Especially the gathering ones, as I’ll either need to purchase a new retainer (which was a plan at some point anyway, just not quite… now), or really get started on those crafting professions.
We didn’t get out of Egypt in TSW, but we’re getting close. I think we only have a few missions left in the first town, and then we can go see Saiid. I’m so excited! From what little I’ve seen of him (so far) I’m super-duper excited to see more of him. His attitude comes across in spades! As for the Let’s Play… I did get the third one up, and the fourth one partially completed. I’m anxiously awaiting some down-time to be able to work more on those videos.
I barely got any Blade & Soul time in, so those will probably carry over as well. I’m none-too-thrilled so far with the game, and my friends are starting to fall off as well. So we’ll see if I even get to it. I really would like to try to give it the good old “20 hours/20 levels” trial. 
I’m super close to finishing Men of Yoshiwara, and am hoping to finish it in March so I can move onto Amnesai: Memories for my PC otome. I never picked up Cat Goes Fishing, though I’m still hoping to one day, because it looks adorkable. I didn’t get into Torchlight due to time.
I’ve been playing a bunch of Code Realize for multiple reasons. One, it’s what I do at lunch time. When I tried watching stuff on Prime at work, people would constantly interrupt my lunch break, despite having a sign up saying I was at lunch. With my head buried in my Vita, people leave me alone. Also, with everything else that’s going on, it’s been a nice way to get in fifteen minutes here before an event, or ten minutes there before bedtime. I’ve been pursuing Impey as the first guy, mainly because I thought I liked him the least, but he’s grown on me a lot. Granted, I like Lupin least of all so far, and don’t know how I’ll feel when I get to him as the “True Game Ending” (he’s locked behind the four other guys).

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