August ’18 Gaming Goals

August ’18 Gaming Goals

This post (4/31) is part of the Blaugust Reborn event! You can find out more about the event at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. Armagon created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.
I love stumbling across these kinds of things in games. They’re part of the reason I set game goals! To explore!

Like many other bloggers participating in Blaugust, I am one to set gaming goals. I won’t go into reasons why, at this particular moment, only because I was inspired by someone else who doesn’t do gaming goals to go into a deeper explanation on why I create them! This post is also a “get the post in for the day” type deal, as I’m having a low spoon day, and I had to do some apartment hunting on top of it.

For a bit of clarification (because it may seem like a lot of goals), when I set my goals, I don’t set them to necessarily be accomplished for the month. But more on that in the aforementioned post.

World of Warcraft

As I outlined in my Pre-BfA post:

  • Level Chest-Dwarf to 60 (then boost to 110) for Double Agent achievement
  • Level Macadamia to 110 (towards Quintessential Quintet achievement)
  • Obtain flying in Draenor (so that I can level more alts for Quintessential Quintet)
    • Finish Nagrandeur achievement
    • Explore Shadowmoon Valley achievement
    • Explore Nagrand acheivement
    • Securing Draenor achievement
    • Revered with The Sabersatlkers
    • Revered with Order of the Awakened
    • Revered with Vol’in’s Headhunters
  • Level Arraign (Femcow Death Knight) to 110
  • Level ?? (probably Kaelari, the Femcow Paladin) to 110

Secret World Legends

  • Finish out all leftover side missions up to Egypt

ARPG August

This is part of the community game-along run by Apricot Sushi at Chic-Pixel.

  • Pick up Diablo 3 for the first time!*

*Well, kinda more the second time. I didn’t get far the first time, only two hours in.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • ARC 30
  • FSH 20
  • LNC 15
  • PGL 15

Cross-class skills are a thing, and I’d like to start picking them up in a reasonable fashion.

6 thoughts on “August ’18 Gaming Goals

  1. Uh… Sorry to disappoint but cross-class skills are gone from FFXIV.

    They changed it to a systemcalled Role Actions where you get a set of extra-skills that are dependent on your role. So tanks get their own skills, healers a different set, melee DPS get their own too and ranged physical DPS has a different set of skills and so does nukers.

    You can check which ones you have available for you by going to Character -> Actions & Traits -> Role

    Oh, in case you don’t know this, you also don’t need multiple classes to unlock a Job anymore either, only the required base class. So if you want to be a Bard then all you need to do is get Archer to level 30.

    1. This is so confusing to me based on when I last played, even though it’s a billion times easier.

      But DULY NOTED! And I guess I’ll focus more on FSH and ARC! 😀

      1. Yeah, a lot of those changes came with Stormblood. I guess for anybody who stopped playing before it there is a lot of confusion going on.

        It doesn’t help that there is a lot of outdated fan sites out there either. :/

    1. Of course! I do try to, but life has been quite a distraction since I last participated! (I missed Dating Simmonth, and it’s my favorite!) I’m hoping the story in D3 catches me this time! 🙂

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