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Streaming: Week of June 24

Streaming: Week of June 24

Stream schedule for the week! My schedule has changed some during the week with extracurriculars, so I’ve had to do a bit of fiddling with my schedule. I still don’t have a schedule that is set in stone, yet, but I do hope these weekly schedules help folks out in the meantime. Be sure to follow Twitter for updates and the like!

I’m also getting close to 100 Twitch followers, so I plan to do a giveaway of a $10 USD Steam gift card (on stream, followers only) and set up my cam as the 100 follower goal. Let’s see if I can reach 100 by the end of the month!

Returning to FFXIV

Returning to FFXIV

Dipping in the Toes

A few weeks ago now, I decided to try picking up FFXIV again. I’ve been looking for more games to play with Manthing and some specific friends, and figured FFXIV might be a good choice, even though none of them were playing at the time. I’ve also been watching Tua and Aeyvi stream FFXIV quite recently, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them, so I figured I’d give it another try.

Deciding what server to roll up on, and what class to choose to start (I’ll level them all eventually!) was the hard part, though. Do I go back to Cactuar because that’s where my main is? I didn’t really remember much of the story to that point, or where I was in levels, or what I was doing, so that kind of turned me off to going back to Magnolia Chestnut. I also have some memories on that toon I don’t particularly care to rehash at this point in time (maybe in the future I’ll feel more strongly that I can work through them and go play her every so often to hang out with the Bel Effect crew), so that also swayed me on not picking her back up right now, though I would like to eventually pop over there every so often in the future.

I decided to just roll up a new toon on Famfrit to play with the folks I wanted to play with. I was originally contemplating starting with a healer of some sort, and trying Astrologian since I hadn’t tried it yet, but Ainyan rolls as a main heals, so I figured I’d let her continue doing that, and I’d DPS for a change (WHAT? CHESTNUT ISN’T A TANK?! Yep. Not right now!). So I rolled up an Archer because my favorite D&D character to play is a Bard.

Full Dive

Thus, Chestnut Firefly was born. I’ve been streaming my adventures in FFXIV, and it’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying Archer way more than I thought I would. And even though Fishing has been calling my name (because Fishing is the best!), I’ve been trying to focus on just doing Archer right now. Why so?

Well, on one of my streams, I saw a Bard playing music. I thought that was pretty dang cool! And then lo and behold, Rakuno let me know that they added in that folks playing Bards could play multiple instruments and even play the instruments manually instead of just using pre-written melodies. SOLD! That’s currently my motivation for sticking with Archer/Bard as much as possible, though I do know that I’ll need to roll up the secondary class eventually for skills once I get my Bard job, but that’s another thing to figure out at another time. For now, I’m just enjoying standing in the back and smashing things.

Streaming: Week of June 3

Streaming: Week of June 3

A quick post to update my streaming schedule for the week! It’s a short streaming week because I have a lot going on IRL this week.

And don’t worry, I’m back to actually blogging, soon. The computer issues I’ve been having, plus a lot going on have made it a bit overwhelming to do much of anything other than turn on SLOBS while I do some gaming.

I’ve missed writing stuff out, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I have a bunch of draft posts to poke at this week, so keep an eye here or on Twitter to see when I update.

Gaming Goals: May

Gaming Goals: May

I started these Gaming Goals posts back in June 2015 as a way to try to organize my gaming time around freelance obligations as well as my day-job and general life obligations. You can view the archive of goals and reviews here.

Richard expects me to do well this month.

I meant well in March, and then never made goals because real life got extremely overwhelming. May is kind of in-between overwhelming and lots of free-time at the moment. My weekends are fairly free (minus D&D), but my weeks are really busy. So I’m going to try to take it light on goals–especially because ThaydFest is a thing this month. The Secret World also might slow down some because one of our four-person-team is going to be gone most of May, and then Chaide is going to be gone most of June. But at least that gives me time to catch up on the videos.

Image by Chic-Pixel

The Community Game-Along this month is Metroidvania games. So I had planned at the start of the year to get in some Dust: An Elysian Tale. And I’m still going to try to do so, which might reduce some of my other goals. Too bad every month can’t be dating simmonth!


  • Finish Celestion achievements (on Chestnut)
  • Start Galeras achievements (including normal STL and normal Hycrest)
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10
  • Put on ThaydFest without stressing!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • FSH 30
  • BTN 22
  • MIN 22
  • CUL 10

The Secret World

  • Finish and upload Let’s Play 4
  • Start Transylvania

Steam, etc.

  • Finish one route in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
  • Play some Dust: An Elysian Tale
  • Finish the introduction in Norn9: Var Commons
Gaming Goals Review: March & April

Gaming Goals Review: March & April

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I’ve kept reducing my goals due to real life, and I think I hit a stride heading into December, and have kept it up for the most part. Well, except maybe on the blogging end and the goals posts the past two months!

Comparison Time!


  • Finish Celestion achievements (on Chestnut)
  • Get Bauxyte her key and at least one dungeon towards attunement
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10
  • Choose which toon will be next to 50

Final Fantasy XIV

  • WAR 50 Completed!
  • FSH 30
  • BTN 30
  • MIN 30
  • Start working on crafting professions to clean out retainers (max of level 15) Started!

The Secret World

  • Finish and upload Let’s Play 4 and 5
  • Finish Saiid’s missions Completed!

Steam, etc.

  • Finish Men of Yoshiwara Completed!
  • Finish all of Impey’s endings (including GCs and video) in Code Realize Completed!
  • Start Victor’s route in Code Realize Completed!
  • Start Amnesia: Memories (suggestions on the card suit to pursue first are welcome!) Changed game.
I ended up completing quite a few goals, though mostly outside of MMOs. Real life was busy again. Actually, it doesn’t ever seem to slow down, any. Granted, it should be a tad bit slower this month compared to the past few.

Comparison: February and March

  • 1 hour less of WildStar… so comparable hours
  • 1 hour less of Final Fantasy–again, comparable
  • 1 hour less of The Secret World–I’m sensing a pattern here
  • Added 2 hours of Men of Yoshiwara
  • Added 23 hours of Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • No Blade & Soul (down 2 hours)
  • No Black Desert Online (down 3 hours)
  • Added 15 hours of Stardew Valley
  • 77 total hours in Feburary
  • 110 total hours in March
  • Overall up 33 hours in March–I blame this on Stardew Valley and Code: Realize

Comparison: March and April

  • 9 hours less of WildStar
  • Added 2 hours of Final Fantasy
  • Added 11 hours of The Secret World
  • No Men of Yoshiwara (down 8 hours–completed in March)
  • 17 hours less of Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • No Stardew Valley (down 15 hours)
  • Added 3 hours of Atlas Reactor (beta)
  • 110 total hours in March
  • 77 total hours in April
  • Overall down 33 hours in April–I know this is due to project deadlines at work and IRL events

Overall Thoughts

Chaide and I finished the base-game story!!!

So I didn’t get very much done in WildStar. Partially was just real life, and partially was just I’ve been working on ThaydFest stuff non-stop. I’ll probably adjust my goals there knowing that ThaydFest won’t be over until end of May.

We finally got our main classes to level 50 in FFXIV, and we’ve been working past the 2.0 story very slowly. We’re currently about halfway through the “A Realm Awoken” patch. We’re currently stuck on the “Rock-solid Protection” quest, (1) because of time and (2) we can’t figure out if we need normal or… hard mode? I think it’s called hard mode. And needing normal makes no sense since it’s a level 45 dungeon. So if you have thoughts, let me know. I almost got my gathering professions up, so I might continue those goals. My play time has decreased there overall, so I’m not sure adding a new class to level would be wise. Maybe I’ll think about how much story we can feasibly get through this month and use that as a goal instead.

We’re almost into Transylvania in The Secret World, but I just haven’t had much time outside of work to work on the videos without also cutting into my gaming time, or time spent with Chaide in general.

My other gaming goals were fairly easy, honestly. I was a terrible person and left Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya minimized during raids and pulled it up whenever I was dead. Honestly, it’s what keeps me so jovial during raids, because I hate dying. And Code: Realize was easy, because I play that for an hour every day at work during lunch. Plus, if I carry my Vita with me everywhere, so if I’m waiting in line or something, it’s easy enough to pop out and play some. I’m at the point where I’m almost done with Lupin’s route, and I’m sad to see the game end! But more thoughts on that another time. I decided that instead of playing Amnesia first, I’m going to be playing the new Men of Yoshiwara that just came out a few weeks ago. I got it day-of because it was on sale, but I was up in the air on which otome to try next, until Sushi told me about how one of the routes is right up my alley (I love the sweet romance/childhood friend routes), so now I have to try it first.

I also picked up Stardew Valley and Atlas Reactor these past two months. Stardew Valley is lots of fun, but it’s something that I can only really handle in small doses. I just get bored with it after a few hours, and need to put it down. Plus I stink at the whole relationship building thing, and after a while I start to feel overwhelmed at all the things to do and that I want to do and… yeah.

Atlas Reactor is one that I was lucky enough to get a beta code, and I have lots to write about it, but I’ve not had much time to get in there and play around with it more to solidify the thoughts and guides I want to write. Overall, I love it because it’s more thought- and strategy-based than MOBAs in general. Or at least from my limited MOBA experiences. I’ve tried HotS and LoL, but neither caught my fancy. I don’t like the way it works, and it’s super confusing, whereas I caught onto Atlas Reactor really quickly, and it almost feels like a team-based game of chess.

Thank you to the wonderful Ammo for the beautiful ThaydFest banner donation!

The month of May is going to be taken up mainly by ThaydFest, so I don’t know that I’ll have a lot of goals for May, but June will have countless hours to fill in, because Chaide is going to be teaching in Africa for two and a half weeks straight… so I’ll have lots of time to game (and be sad) and put together Let’s Plays.

Gaming Goals: March

Gaming Goals: March

I started these Gaming Goals posts back in June 2015 as a way to try to organize my gaming time around freelance obligations as well as my day-job and general life obligations. You can view the backlog of goals and reviews here.

Going to sass my way through March (and Egypt)!

January had a nice balanced list of stuff, but real-life started hitting me harder than expected in February. Life is going to continue to do that through most of March, but I’m going to see if I can’t keep many of the same goals and continue towards them.

The Community Game-Along theme this month is Monster Hunter-likes, but it doesn’t really sound like a genre I’d be into. Coupled with most of the month being booked-up with things, I don’t think I’ll be participating this month.


  • Finish Celestion achievements (on Chestnut)
  • Get Bauxyte her key and at least one dungeon towards attunement
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10
  • Choose which toon will be next to 50

Final Fantasy XIV

  • WAR 50
  • FSH 30
  • BTN 30
  • MIN 30
  • Start working on crafting professions to clean out retainers (max of level 15)

The Secret World

  • Finish and upload Let’s Play 4 and 5
  • Finish Saiid’s missions

Steam, etc.

  • Finish Men of Yoshiwara
  • Finish all of Impey’s endings (including GCs and video) in Code Realize
  • Start Victor’s route in Code Realize
  • Start Amnesia: Memories (suggestions on the card suit to pursue first are welcome!)
Gaming Goals Review: February

Gaming Goals Review: February

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I’ve kept reducing my goals due to real life, and I think I hit a stride heading into December, and have kept it up for the most part.

For the sake of comparison


  • Finish Celestion achievements
  • Get Bauxyte to level 40 Completed!
  • Cycle through toons to burn rested EXP Completed!
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10

Final Fantasy XIV

  • WAR 50
  • FSH 30
  • BOT 30
  • MIN 30
  • Start working on crafting professions to clean out retainers

The Secret World

  • Try to finish out Egypt
  • Upload completed Let’s Play 3 and 4

Blade & Soul

  • Reach level 20
  • Run at least one dungeon (preferably with friends)

Steam, etc.

  • Finish Men of Yoshiwara
  • Pick up Cat Goes Fishing and play some
  • Get up to Chapter 5 in Code: Realize Completed!
  • Play some more Torchlight
So it’s not hard to see based on both the chart and the goals I obtained that real life pretty much kicked my butt this past month. Work has been super busy, and with a friends’ wedding coming up in a few weeks, Chaide and I have both been slogged with obligations related to that (especially since Chaide is in the wedding).
For comparison between January and February…
  • 29 less hours of WildStar
  • 9 less hours of Final Fantasy
  • 32 less hours of The Secret World
  • 16 less hours of Men of Yoshiwara
  • No Paladins (down 14 hours)
  • No Animal Jam (down 15 hours)
  • No Pirate 101 (down 12 hours)
  • Added 10 hours of Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • Added 2 hours of Blade & Soul
  • Added 3 hours of Black Desert Online
  • 189 total hours in January
  • 77 total hours in February
  • Overall down 112 hours of game-time
I wish the Achievement Granted crap didn’t show up on top… I wonder if I hide UI if the Level Up will go away?
I had started on the Celestion achievements, and am only a few short, but got distracted by swapping out to burn some rested EXP on the toons, and I took advantage of the Bonus XP Weekend (and a lot of flasks) to get Bauxyte to 50! I even did Crimson Badlands once, and am half-way to her key. I have some gear it’s worth tossing non-set runes into for now, and I’d love to start getting her attuned for some variety.
We ended up hitting 49 in Final Fantasy, and I’m hoping we finally hit 50 in March. We shall see, though. My work from home days haven’t been conducive to lunches where I plop in front of my personal computer (instead of the work ones) for an hour with Netflix running, food in hand, and farm-time. So again, hoping to carry over a lot of those goals. Especially the gathering ones, as I’ll either need to purchase a new retainer (which was a plan at some point anyway, just not quite… now), or really get started on those crafting professions.
We didn’t get out of Egypt in TSW, but we’re getting close. I think we only have a few missions left in the first town, and then we can go see Saiid. I’m so excited! From what little I’ve seen of him (so far) I’m super-duper excited to see more of him. His attitude comes across in spades! As for the Let’s Play… I did get the third one up, and the fourth one partially completed. I’m anxiously awaiting some down-time to be able to work more on those videos.
I barely got any Blade & Soul time in, so those will probably carry over as well. I’m none-too-thrilled so far with the game, and my friends are starting to fall off as well. So we’ll see if I even get to it. I really would like to try to give it the good old “20 hours/20 levels” trial. 
I’m super close to finishing Men of Yoshiwara, and am hoping to finish it in March so I can move onto Amnesai: Memories for my PC otome. I never picked up Cat Goes Fishing, though I’m still hoping to one day, because it looks adorkable. I didn’t get into Torchlight due to time.
I’ve been playing a bunch of Code Realize for multiple reasons. One, it’s what I do at lunch time. When I tried watching stuff on Prime at work, people would constantly interrupt my lunch break, despite having a sign up saying I was at lunch. With my head buried in my Vita, people leave me alone. Also, with everything else that’s going on, it’s been a nice way to get in fifteen minutes here before an event, or ten minutes there before bedtime. I’ve been pursuing Impey as the first guy, mainly because I thought I liked him the least, but he’s grown on me a lot. Granted, I like Lupin least of all so far, and don’t know how I’ll feel when I get to him as the “True Game Ending” (he’s locked behind the four other guys).
Level 49… So Close!

Level 49… So Close!

Little Ladies’ Day

I’ve been trying to get Chaide back into FFXIV a little bit by trying to play at least once a week for a few hours. He’s still feeling a bit jaded from when the MSQ (spoilers) had you go around for five levels or so just doing one-off stupid quests to put together a banquet. Definitely not the strongest part of the story, but one he’s not been able to put past him in worry that it will some day do it again. Which, so far as I know, it will not, because I’ve only been told the story gets good from where we are. But I cannot guarantee because I have not yet experienced it.

So we logged in this week to try to hit 50, and do the new Holiday event. I always like to do Holiday events in-games, and even though we can’t use the cosmetic items in FFXIV (yet) I like to collect them for when we are able to. Especially (1) for the achievements and (2) because they’re so easy, and not very grindy!

Granted, this one was probably more “grindy” than others, if you wanted to hear all about the girls and their interests. Chaide wasn’t particularly a fan of this event. He commented that, “it’s probably much more appealing to girls who like cutesy things”. And damn straight I loved it! It was totally like an Otome! It was so cute!

Well, except for the Lala with the weird pedo-stache.

I didn’t finish out everything with the girls to learn about them, I don’t know if I will based on my lack of time, but I did do a few extras for some shoes to go with my new dress. I should log on to see if there’s an achievement for completing all the options to talk to them. I’ll definitely make the time to do so if there is.

Ding 49

After doing the Holiday event, we decided to run an Aurum Vale to see how much of a level it’d get us. We ended up with just over half a level and obtaining 49. It went pretty much flawlessly, despite a few “oops” pulls from folks, and Cam taking a dirt nap on the big Ogre guy. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to open up new dungeons, though. Like the Hard Mode versions and such.

Also looking forward to getting back to the Main Story Quest now that we’re level 49. I’m just hoping that we can push to 50 from the quests, without having to run yet another Aurum Vale.

Community Game-Along Game Choices, Part 1

Community Game-Along Game Choices, Part 1

Community Game-Along

Image by Chic Pixel

Not too long ago I mentioned stumbling upon the Community Game-Along challenge for 2016, which featured dating sim games for January. This has apparently been put on for a few years by Apricot Sushi, and I figured why not try it out? But looking at the list, some months are going to be much easier than others. And some I just might need some suggestions, so I hope folks have some! I wanted to lay out what I wanted to play, though, so it was easier to keep track of why I had specific games in my Steam library, for instance, or which games I should purchase based on the platforms I own. Speaking of which, the platforms we have in the house include:

  • X-Box 360 (not my favorite system)
  • PS4 (not my favorite system)
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DS (original—able to play GBA games)
  • PC
  • PS Vita

I much prefer gaming on PC if at all possible, so if you guys have suggestions, ports/emus or such to PC are appreciated. And if it’s on Steam, it’s even better! My handhelds are my second favorite. I’m hoping to one day get on the 3DS train for some of the games that have caught my fancy.

January: Dating Sims

In January, I mainly played Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya (did you know there’s a sequel in the works?!). I didn’t end up finishing it, so my plans of continuing to Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star were a moot point. I also won a copy of both Norn9 and Code Realize for the PSVita from Chic-Pixel thanks to Aksys Games! I didn’t get my Vita until the start of February, though, so I didn’t get to them for January. I did finally start Code Realize last week, and I have thoughts I can’t wait to share in another post.

February: Fishing Games

This topic was suggested by Kimimi to Apricot. I’m not big on fishing simulators, which is ironic considering how much I enjoy fishing in MMOs. Seriously, it’s my favorite thing to do in MMOs. If WildStar had it, I’d play it even more than I already do! I did search through Steam and find a game called Cat Goes Fishing, which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! I’ll also be delving into FFXIV and leveling up my fishing throughout February as well. So next check, when I pick up Cat Goes Fishing, expect some thoughts.

March: Monster Hunter-likes

So I’m not quite sure what to play this month, Or what qualifies as a monster hunter-like game. I assume that Pokemon would count. So I can play some of Pokemon Pearl which Chaide got for me a while ago and I have yet to finish. Granted, I’m not sure what I’d classify as “fnishing” the game. Maybe just getting through all the story would be a nice close to the game. While I “gotta chatch ’em all”, I know it’s not realistic when none of my local friends have a DS.

April: Games with Yuzo Koshiro Scores

I didn’t even know who this chap was until I went over to Wikipedia. He’s composed and scored a lot of games. Like, huge numbers. Many of which I know, but have never really found an interest in. Most of which seem to be for the Nintendo consoles. He did the composition for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and I’ve never played a Castlevania game, but have been told I’d probably enjoy them. So I think I’ll try to pick that up for DS, even if I have to cave and get it used at a GameStop or something.

May: Metroidvania

I’d heard the term Metroidvania before, but I’d never really known what kind of game it described because I’ve never played Metroid, or Castlevania games before. Come to find out it’s a type of platformer game. Now, I guess I could play a Castlevania or Metroid game, but apparently Ori and the Blind Forest is considered a Metroidvania, and I’ve seen a bit of gameplay of that and think it’s pretty cute. Or I could play Dust: An Elysian Tale, which I already have in my Steam Library. Which is probably the better choice to get it finished with.

June: Media Tie-in Games

This topic was suggested by BadoorSNK to Apricot. I honestly have no idea where to go for this topic. I’m not sure if they mean games that are hot right now, or games that are about or include social media, or games that are making commentary on the media in general. I guess all of these could be valid options. So I guess any suggestions are welcome! And I know Apricot will have some suggestions when June starts, but that doesn’t give me much time to find a game at that point.

I think going past June, at this point, will be a bit much, so stay tuned in a few months for Part 2, as well as my thoughts on the various games I pick up for this!