Gaming Goals Review: August

Gaming Goals Review: August

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I had reduced my goals for July because I knew that we would have limited play time as we had ten days of vacation time, as well as getting ready to move on August 1st. So, let’s see if tuning down my goals made them easier to accomplish!

Goals: Relax and game!

WildStar Goals



  • Reach level 32
  • Armorsmithing up to level 30 gear



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach 10 CUL


  • Reach level 15 ARC
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Purchase Togrutas!
  • Possibly race-change Jhi’salith to Togruta instead of Chiss? (Thoughts?)
  • Reach level 30 (Jhi’salith)
  • Reach level 20 (Jadz’iaa)


Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Purchase/Play
  • Screenshot and Blog GALORE!
Yes, the month is almost partially over and I’m finally getting to my July wrapup. But here it is!
I think I was a little over-zealous with my goals again this past month. Life was really busy again, so I’m going to be cutting down on my goals again for next month… again.
So in WildStar, I think I need to change the type of goals I’m setting. I didn’t do a lot on my list, per se. Contracts are something I always for get about. Granted, lately it’s been a lot of logging on just to raid because screw you, real life. I’ve been trying to do my dailies as often as possible, but I don’t have the time daily. 
I got Yardcore up, but it was only one. Real life interfered with that quite a bit, especially considering I recorded the Yardcore in July. I’ve spent time on the PTR but have yet to post anything because of time/energy. I also got my first kill on Kuralak and some new mini-bosses, which was fun, but raiding isn’t something sustainable for me as of late with my schedule. 
I’m sure it also didn’t help that I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in WildStar related to the Lifestyles of Nexus contest that I’m still working on (and will hopefully have up by the end of the weekend!). So I’ve been online, but just busy with other things.
Sometimes I really just want to not raid when raid is going. Maybe I’ll do that one weekend… (we’ll see.) As for Bauxyte, I did play her, but I only got to 30. I’m still having fun with her, though, so I’d like to keep goals for her. I took off the Armorsmithing goal because professions are changing come F2P and I don’t want to waste materials. So I’m currently hoarding on all my toons.
The goals I set for myself were different than the ones I actually accomplished in FFXIV. I hit 30 as a Marauder, and started on my quests as a Gladiator. I’d still like to work on my professions, though, so we’ll see what my schedule looks like before setting up more FFXIV goals. Work from home days have been far too much work and a little less multi-tasking than I would like. Normally I can do a bit of profession fun while working, and just haven’t been able to as of late. 
I didn’t even get into SWTOR this past month, so I’m not sure it’ll stay on my list at all.
We got to play some TSW, which was a lot of fun. We still haven’t run Hell, because we didn’t think we had the time to do so the few times we played, and I did start putting together the first Let’s Play video, but just haven’t finished it yet because of some WildStar obligations.
I also purchased Hatoful Boyfriend and took bunches of screenshots (as my Anook page can attest to), however, I haven’t blogged about it, yet. I plan on writing an informal “My Thoughts” on the blog here, as well as more of a general overall review over at QueueTimes, hopefully soon-ish.
I plan on tweaking goals for this month (even though it’s already partially over) and posting them later today.

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