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War Woolie, Nekkid Stormtalon, and His Head

War Woolie, Nekkid Stormtalon, and His Head

This past weekend and Tuesday night were hopping good times in WildStar.

Veteran Shiphands

Sunday afternoon, we ran a few shiphands to get Golds so folks could unlock the AMP point (or is it the LAS? I can’t remember…). It was a blast, and I finally got in a Rage Logic. All of the shiphands are major fun, but I get more of a kick out of them as a guild group than anything.

I discovered, for the first time ever, that there is a secret hidden up top in one of the shiphands–Outpost M-13.

This little guy gets you an achievement when you click on him, and then follows you around!! I promptly made lots of “it’s so cute” noises instead of going on about how adorable it was, and lamented the fact that I couldn’t have one of my own as a mini-pet.

I also took lots of screenshots, because, well, how can you not?! (Thank you to Alexi for telling me to go up the stairs, and for the other guildies in the run for not spoiling it for me!)

War Woolie

Right after all our runs, I had to log out to go take care of some chores, so I didn’t open all my bags, plus my bags were full, so some I did open went right to my mailbox. My thought process was along the lines of “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT”, so I resigned myself to cleaning out my bags and going through my mail next time I logged online.

Lo and behold, the next time I logged online I casually checked my mail… and then stopped. Just stopped. Wide eyed. Going “buhhh????”. And then I started the “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG” freak-out that we all get when we get a collectible we want. (You know you do, too. Don’t lie.) So, one collectible mount down, one to go! Because I’ve lost all hope of ever getting a Luminous Equivar like I dearly want.

Nekkid Stormtalon

Tuesday night after freaking out about my War Woolie and how excited I was, it was time to run a few Nekkid Stormtalon groups! If you remember, a few weeks ago we ran a Nekkid Baby Protostar. This went much the same way, in that everyone stripped down to their skivvies, and we walked in and ran a bunch of runs.

I have to hand it to WildStar–for all the effort we’ve tried to get funky-ass looking costumes from these runs, they’re pretty well put together sets! Granted, there weren’t a lot of drops that weren’t heavy armor when we had three slingers, a medic, and a stalker.

Stormtalon’s Head

Speaking of drops, on one of our runs, Stormtalon’s Head (Head of Stormtalon… whatever!) dropped! We all rolled greed as we do on guild runs, and I won it. I was shocked. A War Woolie and the Head of Stormtalon both in the same night?! What?! I mean, I felt a little bad for winning it, as I usually do on rolls like that, but I am hoping we can do more speed runs and get his head to drop again for some more folks!

PTR Update – Drop 5

Today on Twitter, a few of us happened to go off on a tangent about how we needed mini-pets in WildStar, and, like, now! Then DasMoose just happened to feel like opening up his PTR client for shits and giggles (at least, that’s my assumption of how this all started snowballing). And, guess what? It started patching! And what did he see scrolling along the bottom? Winterfest! Pets! PETS! That brought Twitter to a screeching halt and we all opened up our clients.

At least it seemed that way. We were tweeting left and right: So and so saw this show up! And someone else saw that! Oh look! What’s that mean?! A few minutes later, Caydiem was like, “Pff, guys, stop speculatin’.” (Obviously, I’m paraphrasing…) And then not a few minutes later, the official “what to expect in Drop 5 as it hits PTR” notes hit the site! BOOM!

People are going CRAZY! It’s Drop 5 fever! I wonder if it’s more hype than Drop 4? It feels like it…

I plan to (when I have a little bit of free time after ThaydFest) hop onto the PTR and start putting together a guide on where to find all the mini-pets for the Pet Obsessed (There are a bunch of us).

In the meantime, DasMoose made a great video of all the pets you can find in the game (on PTR)!

FFXIV Main Story Bonanza!

FFXIV Main Story Bonanza!

Finally getting around to writing this post up, even though we finished a bunch of storyline on Sunday, and it’s now Thursday. But there was just so much to write (or rather, over 120 images to go through to figure out which to post), that it was hard to do it all in one sitting.

I will warn that there are possible spoilers ahead. If you care about knowing what happens in the main storyline in FFXIV, especially from the point of view of Limsa Lominsa, then I would turn around and head to a different post. I will also warn that this is an extremely image-heavy post. Fair warning.

That Magician Guy

So first, we ended up battling the first big-bad. You know, the guy who’s been making life a living hell for the past 17 levels or so. Mask, robe with a hood, summons elementals, yada yada. It was so cool being able to whoop his butt! It felt like we mattered to the story. Like we were integral and important, and a part of the world aside from completing quests.

I wish I had been recording this, because at this point (the elemental above), Chaide’s and my reaction was “WOAH!!! O____O!!!”.

Granted, throughout the whole scene it was wide-eyed and ready to fight him. For so minor a big-bad, with so little story that we’ve actually seen (aside from him being behind the kidnappings in Limsa), he really felt like a big bad and epic fight.

The Admiral

After defeating him, we’re sent back to town to deliver the news to the Commodore, whom we’ve only just met prior to the Masked Mage.

Soon as we return, our news is celebrated–the kidnappings are over, and there is relative peace again in Limsa. And then we meet the most badass woman I think I’ve met in FFXIV so far…

Admiral Merlwyb. Like, seriously? This woman is epic. I can’t wait to see more of the story with her! I want to know more about her in general.

The Party

So she thanks you for your service to Limsa and then invites you to this shmancy party that you have to get shmancy shoes for.

We thought it was a bit funny that you only got shmancy shoes, and no fancy dancy outfit to go with it. So I’m a not-so-pleasant smelling warrior in armor and fancy shoes. Uhhh, okay. Okay. I’ll roll with it, because the story is just so awesome!

Then Merlwyb talks about the Warriors of Light and how things came to pass after the Reckoning (I think it’s the Reckoning? I don’t remember the actual term for it).

And then…

The Battle Cutscene

You revisit the first cutscene you see ever in the game–the big battle. I was just mind blown by the detail and the story and how it all wraps together and how you see the first big bad, and just… like I said. Mindblown. You also have to keep in mind that I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games before ever in my life.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. we only just killed the big-bad’s lackey?! Oh! Oh! Dude! DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!

Pass Out Again, Why Don’t You?

Yup. We wake up in our bedrooms, passed out.

Baderon blames it on too much to drink. Uh huh. But now it’s time to go see the Admiral again. So we do, and she makes us the envoy of Limsa. Really? That’s so cool! We get to take a freaking air ship to the other cities!! AN AIR SHIP!

The Air Ship

So you get sent off with a large hullabaloo, and you visit both main cities. But, as you’re flying to the first one (in our case, it happened to be Gridania), you get another cutscene.

The Next Big Bad?

Not usually my type, but Hellooooo Nurse! (I sat up and said, “Who is that?!” when I saw him.)

Man, I don’t know what to tell you aside from we just watched about forty minutes worth of mini movies so far, and I can’t wait to meet the crew of baddies we just saw!

The Limsan Envoy

So then we go to Gridania and speak with Kan-E-Senna about commemorating the Reckoning.
Then off to Ul’dah to meet with Raubahn Aldynn for the same task. Chaide did wonder, however, if something got lost in the translation of Raubahn, because he didn’t feel like his personality meshed with the city state he is in charge of, nor his trusted advisors. I commented it might be storyline we haven’t yet encountered, because we haven’t done any of the quests in town, yet.
And then, best of all…

Overall Thoughts

While we were doing this, I thought about how the Admiral is essentially a Machinist (coming in Heavensward) and that Kan-E-Senna looks like an Au Ra (also coming in Heavensward). I wonder if they did this knowingly on what they wanted to include in a future expansion? Or is it something lore based from previous games? The latter I wouldn’t know.
Doing all this has made me way more excited to play some more FFXIV, and hopefully I’ll get some in this weekend with Chaide.
Ding 15!

Ding 15!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home, so I was able to spend a good chunk of my evening and night in FFXIV.


I did a LOT of leveling of fishing. I got from 14 to 18. Higher than I’ve ever gotten! Ding! 15!

I’m quite enjoying fishing. It’s relaxing. It’s a great way to spend time in game while also getting other things done. For instance, working on the blog (I updated all my pages, including the blog roll!), or watching some Netflix, or cooking dinner, or exercising. It’s something I’ve missed since WoW, and I’m glad it’s back in a current MMO that I’m playing. It’s a huge selling point for me.


Last night Chaide and I both finished out level 15 class quests. Mine, sadly, was just to go smash a big rock, and then a big creature. Uhhh, okay. All that to throw a Tomahawk? Sure.

Chaide, on the other hand, had these amazingly epic cutscenes and storyline, and it was a tad sad based on what I did catch. I’m looking forward to actually leveling Arcanist at some point.


Since we hit 15 (technically 17), we decided to try our first Guildhest. It was definitely an adventure, and I didn’t do all that well until I realized that I didn’t have my AoE taunt available (d’oh!) because it was a level 10 guildhest. But regardless, it was a great experience to actually run with a PuG that was nice! NICE! A PuG! It was amazing! It was great! We loved it! It was refreshing, for a change, to be with a group that was kind. We can’t wait to run some more guildhests.


We also headed out to Aleport for the first time. The scale of this game is amazing. Just the landmass we’ve already covered and it’s not even a quarter of everything there is.


We picked up the first minion quests, which I have been dying to find (mini-pet addict, here). I made sure that they were of the utmost priority before we logged for the night. And I’m so glad I did! How can you say no to this cute little wolf pup?! Chaide enjoys his coeurl better. The cool thing is that the two interact with each other if we leave them together long enough! His coeurl will arch its back and stick up its tail, and my little wolf pup will bark at it.

I’m looking forward to more time in FFXIV tomorrow before some WildStar RP, but tonight, it’s a Veteran Malgrave Trail. Off to go run some!