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Chestnut the Kingslayer

Chestnut the Kingslayer

I still can’t wrap my head around it. Nope, I can’t. After being a hardcore raider and finally getting burnt out, and then moving to a server to just enjoy the game and all its aspects (read: Achievements!!!!), I never thought I’d get it. Nope. Not me.

Sure, I’ve been raid leading an ICC10 Saturday/Sunday with the guild, and the weekly, and some older stuff like AQ40, and helping to heal the second ICC10 Tuesday/Thursday group for the guild… but I never thought I’d get it. We’ve seen Arthas as a guild. Yup, casual little ol’ Shade of the Elm has gotten their paws on Arthas. We just had two heals that night, and couldn’t down him, sadly (but that shall all change this weekend!).

Kingslayer. Yep. I still feel like it didn’t happen, even though my title is sitting up there and on my Armory.

Iron Circle, the Elephant Tree and Me!

I want to send a great big Thank You over to Iron Circle for asking us along for a Kingslayer run on an off-week for our guild. Thank you again, T, Steg, Ru and the rest! It’s been a pleasure playing with you all, no matter the capacity. Hope we can still run things together come Cataclysm! 😉

And I’m still wrapping my head around it…


Guild Raids!

Guild Raids!

Our guild has been on a roll as of late with Wrath raiding achievements. (We’re not just all about older content, though it’s our current focus with ICC10 and attempts at RS10…because it’s all changing and going away so soon!!)

We hit up Naxx a few times the past two months to try to burn out a lot of those achievements. And we did. We’ve gotten guildies any and all of the following (on 10 man of course): Momma Said Knock You Out, Arachnophobia, Spore Loser, Make Quick Werk of Him, Just Can’t Get Enough, and all of the achievements for the various quarters. We’ve even downed Sapph (with a Pally aura, though next time, we’re getting The Hundred Club). And, well, a picture is worth a thousand words.
I wish that more than two achievements at a time showed up. People got three or four on that run–Champion of the Frozen Wastes and Just Can’t Get Enough and the like.

The past month we’ve been trying to hit up Onyxia weekly. To work on raid awareness and cooperation and recognizing voices on Ventrilo, etc. Also to gear up offsets and try to get that damned dragon to drop her offspring for us to ride around on (which has yet to happen)! We’ve gotten some awesome achievements in there, too.
Ignore the Lacerate mouseover. >.> Oops.
Oh yeah. That was an exciting night. First time for some other guildies, too. 🙂
We’ve even hit up OS once or twice for the Weekly. We always seem to get Dragons or Demons for our Weekly. Hm… So we’ve gotten a lot of guildies the following achievements.
Unfortunately, not everybody has gotten Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows, yet. Though we’re going to work on it! And the three drake zerg. See if we can’t grab all of those achievements pre-Cata…
Since the end of August, we’ve been working our pixelated butts off at ICC10. We’ve come far, and I’m very proud of the guild, as an officer, member, and raid leader. We’ve had some awesome moments and are currently 6/12. Not bad for about a month’s worth of runs! I do have to share our first run’s achievements, however…
Yep. First ever guild run we got these. It’s a huge achievement for us, considering we’re a “casual” raiding guild that maybe spends one or two nights in ICC10 on the weekend, and runs various achievement nights during the week.
All of these achievements make me wonder what our guild is going to be like come Cataclysm. Quite a few of us are interested in achievements. I wonder if we’ll be trying to get the Guild levels and Achievements AQAP (as quick as possible).
Here’s to Shade of the Elm! Huzzah!!
WTB [Battered Hilt]

WTB [Battered Hilt]

I’ve been lusting after the Battered Hilt on my main. Literally searching the auction house for great deals for hours at a time. I’d done the research. The best weapon I could get (sans Battered Hilt) up through the first six bosses of ICC10? The polearm in Heroic Halls of Reflection. I got it. I did. I ground that thing out like there was no tomorrow.

And then it just got stagnant. There’s no upgrades that drop, and it was one of the bigger upgrades I needed. I was stuck. So I started lusting after the Battered Hilt. Besides the fact that it’s such an awesome quest line and the weapon looked so damn cool. 😀

I’d searched the auction house for close to a month and half with no luck. I came home from D&D one night to find the Elephant playing WoW, and told me to sign on quick. I thought he’d found a VoA or something, so I hopped on. He invited me to a group and came to find me at the The Filthy Animal, opened a trade window, gave me some greens for my priest to d/e and then tossed in the Battered Hilt.

Yep. He tossed in the Battered Hilt. He’d apparently run an HPOS earlier in the day with some guildies and won the roll. And then gave it to me. Yeah, my man rocks. And then I had a total girl moment. I cried. Yes. I cried. You know you’re a nerd when…

Anyway! I won’t go into quest details as to not spoil too much of it for those that haven’t done it and plan on doing it and don’t want to be spoiled, but I will post some shots, so be forewarned. So, here they are!

One of the first parts of the quest chain brings you into the Alliance area in Dalaran. It was cool being a Bond equivalent in WoW. I even hummed the song to myself as I went sneaking around.
Blood Queen Lana’thel shows up at a point in the quest chain and gives some pretty interesting details about the hilt and sword. Really cool lore stuff. The Elephant and I enjoyed this part a lot.
The chain even brings you into a phased version of the Sunwell. It’s definitely awe inspiring.
You even cleanse the sword in the light of the Sunwell. Along with some interesting dialogue from the NPCs. I hear that if you’re a Blood Elf the events inside play out a little bit differently.
Dun da da! I got it! Unfortunately, since I’m a Druid, I can’t use swords. So they gave me this shitty epic hammer instead. In all seriousness, I do love my new hammer. 🙂 
Update: Pre-Cata Plans

Update: Pre-Cata Plans

Last time I went on and on (almost ad-nauseam) about what the Elephant and I wanted to complete before Cataclysm rolls around. As it draws closer, we’ve been able to check off some of the items on our list so far.

Glory of the Hero
We wanted to grab our Red Proto-Drakes before Blizzard (possibly) took away the drake from the achievements. They’ve taken away some of the raiding drakes, so we got worried–especially with no word on whether the drake is going away or not. So we wanted to be safe rather than sorry. And, I am proud to say, we earned that sucker!
The last one we needed was Dehydration, and we got it. It took us days after completing all of the other achievements in the set, but we finally did it. I was all excited, and still ride around on it even though it’s a somewhat common sight now. It was an achievement I’ve never had on my previous druid (who has close to 7k achievement points, I might add), and I got it with the love of my life. It was the quintessence of epic. We even took a shot of us together on our drakes for posterity’s sake.
It’s so awesome to have someone to share WoW with… but enough mush! I must share another achievement we checked off the list!
Classic Raider
We’ve been spending time with our guild doing Tuesday and/or Thursday runs of older content (we are now doing ICC10 on Saturdays…eep!). Sadly, the attendance has recently gone downhill outside of ICC, so we haven’t bothered setting up runs as of late. Though, I’d really like to get back into it if people would show up to it… Anyways! We got our Classic Raider achievement together with AQ40. Oh yes, we pwnd C’Thun in his face … eyeball?
It was definitely a lot of fun. We had a bunch of guildies (some just over level 60 that got some upgrades) and we pug’d almost a full group in Trade. After many posts about “seeing an Old God dead on the floor” and Lovecraft references, I just started saying, “Running AQ40 for Achievement and chance at rare mount drop, PST”. You wouldn’t believe how many tells I got immediately after the first post. Well, maybe you would. At any rate, we downed him. Even though most of the raid died. Yeah, those who claim that level 60 content is faceroll, can go… ahem. Mechanics are your friends!
Changing course, slightly, with a shot of the achievement!
We’ve had a blast grabbing these, but we sadly haven’t had much time to play lately. School is back in full swing, and the Elephant has a full course load, and I’m at the point where I’m working on the equivalent of my thesis (it’s a portfolio and defense, and interview to test the knowledge of the research within my field, but still just as much work).
We are definitely going to spend some time next week on our Loremaster acheivements, though, since we both have some time off. We’re partway through our Ambassador title as well, what with all of the questing we’ve been doing in Kalimdor.
I’m itching to get that list done before Cataclysm. The whole release of the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition contents scared me into getting them all done again. It’s coming so soon! And there’s still so much we want to do!
Plans Pre-Cataclysm

Plans Pre-Cataclysm

The Elephant and I have been running older raids with the guild to work toward some achievements. Most recently, we finished up Blackwing Lair (and before that, Molten Core). Tomorrow, we’re doing Karazhan.

Last night, while working on the quest line to get the Karazhan key (so we can get our guild inside) we got tons of achievements, including: The Arcatraz, The Botanica, The Mechanar, The Steamvault, and Shadow Labyrinth (along with grinding out the related reps for our various reputation achievements).

That got us thinking. What changes are coming in Cataclysm? What achievements do we need/want to finish before then? Well, we came up with a list!

  1. Master of Arms – With weapon skills being removed in the game, this is important to us. The Elephant got 400 in staves last night. One down, two to go, because…
  2. Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? – Again, the weapon skills are being removed. We’re using this one as one of our “four weapon skills” for the previous achievement. Two birds, one stone, amiright?
  3. Both “Squirrels” Achievements: Loved Before, and Shared My Life – Since the world is changing in huge ways, we figure a lot of the critters will no longer be where they are now, or will no longer be around at all.
  4. Well Read – Same as both squirrels achievements; since the world is changing we figure a lot of the books will disappear or be in completely new places that we’ll have to search for instead of using their known locations now.
  5. Pest Control – Same reasons as the Squirrels and Books.
  6. Various Loremaster Achievements: Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor – Again, the world is changing so much in Vanilla areas that we want to experience them, and the quests, before it all changes.
  7. Classic Dungeonmaster, and all the dungeon achievements it entails – Because the areas are changing, and some of the classic dungeons are having “heroic” versions added, we wanted to see them all in their original glory for a last time.
  8. Classic Raider, and all the raid achievements it entails – For the same reasons as the Dungeonmaster achievement. Who knows what raids will be taken off the map.
  9. The Keymaster – This just happens to fit in nicely with all of the old-world stuff we want to finish up. As for the BC rep keys…we can work on them post-Cata if we don’t get to them (and the achieve) before then.
  10. Glory of the Hero – We have a sinking feeling that the Red Proto-Drake will be taken out like previous raiding achievement’s drakes. Therefore, a must, which we are slowly (but effectively) working on with the guild on Tuesday nights.
  11. Ambassador of the Horde – This one just happens to be on the list because of the two Loremaster achievements. As we complete all those quests, we get rep towards this one.
  12. The Argent Dawn, which will lead to us gaining The Argent Champion – We already have Exalted with the Argent Crusade, and all we need is Argent Dawn (which, if I recall correctly, we are Revered with).
  13. The rest of the Classic reputations (or as many as possible; listed in order of necessity) including: Timbermaw Hold, Hydraxian Waterlords, Zandalar Tribe, and the Brood of Nozdormu
  14. And as many of the World Events as possible. We are hoping they will change the World Events so that those of us starting “late” on them will be able to still obtain the Violet Proto-Drake we do the damn achievements for.
I know it’s a long list, but that’s only all we want to do before Cataclysm. It’s not too much work…
Ahhh, what fun!

Ahhh, what fun!

The Elephant and I have been in a total WoW kick. Grinding through to 80 as fast as our little druid behinds can carry us, and grabbing achievement after achievement on the way.

So far, we’ve finished all the quests in Howling Fjord, are almost done with Dragonblight, and have hit so many dungeons, we’ve blues coming out our ears.

The most fun, however, were two things in particular. And well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have a few of them!

Yep, much before level 80, too. We were still 73 at the time. Come to think of it, we got it almost a week ago. 😀

The obligatory shot of us on the ravasuars right after we received and learned them.

And those aren’t the best part of the fun we’ve been having the past few weeks. The Elephant has never gotten past 56 on a toon, and has never played since Vanilla. We plan on going back to quest for all the BC content we skipped (grouping as a tank/heal combo goes so much faster…), but in NR, it’s easier to do one or two dungeons and quest some. We both really want to experience the quests at level, and we’ve worn ourselves out on the constant dungeon queues from 58 to 68. We finally did one of the greatest quest lines ever in the game. Need I say more? No. I think I’ll post some pictures instead.

The Elephant had never done it before. We had so much fun, and he loved that the world didn’t stay static. His first taste of phasing. Ahh. Refreshing. Just wait until we finish out the Death Knight starting area…or hit Storm Peaks…or…

And then, just because it was cool to take these shots, and they relate to Wrathgate, I thought I’d end with them. 🙂 Tonight means more questing and maybe getting level 76! Onward, hooooo!