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August ’18 Gaming Goals

August ’18 Gaming Goals

This post (4/31) is part of the Blaugust Reborn event! You can find out more about the event at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. Armagon created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.
I love stumbling across these kinds of things in games. They’re part of the reason I set game goals! To explore!

Like many other bloggers participating in Blaugust, I am one to set gaming goals. I won’t go into reasons why, at this particular moment, only because I was inspired by someone else who doesn’t do gaming goals to go into a deeper explanation on why I create them! This post is also a “get the post in for the day” type deal, as I’m having a low spoon day, and I had to do some apartment hunting on top of it.

For a bit of clarification (because it may seem like a lot of goals), when I set my goals, I don’t set them to necessarily be accomplished for the month. But more on that in the aforementioned post.

World of Warcraft

As I outlined in my Pre-BfA post:

  • Level Chest-Dwarf to 60 (then boost to 110) for Double Agent achievement
  • Level Macadamia to 110 (towards Quintessential Quintet achievement)
  • Obtain flying in Draenor (so that I can level more alts for Quintessential Quintet)
    • Finish Nagrandeur achievement
    • Explore Shadowmoon Valley achievement
    • Explore Nagrand acheivement
    • Securing Draenor achievement
    • Revered with The Sabersatlkers
    • Revered with Order of the Awakened
    • Revered with Vol’in’s Headhunters
  • Level Arraign (Femcow Death Knight) to 110
  • Level ?? (probably Kaelari, the Femcow Paladin) to 110

Secret World Legends

  • Finish out all leftover side missions up to Egypt

ARPG August

This is part of the community game-along run by Apricot Sushi at Chic-Pixel.

  • Pick up Diablo 3 for the first time!*

*Well, kinda more the second time. I didn’t get far the first time, only two hours in.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • ARC 30
  • FSH 20
  • LNC 15
  • PGL 15

Cross-class skills are a thing, and I’d like to start picking them up in a reasonable fashion.

Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

Starting Back Up

This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up for participate here.

I used to do a thing where I put together gaming goals every month. And then I fell off the blogging and gaming bandwagon for a good while. These gaming goals help keep me from floundering around in gaming, and focus my limited free time so I just don’t sit there and scroll through Facebook.

The Goals 

She’s totally sure they’ll all get done…

Without further ado, here’s my gaming goals checklist.

World of Warcraft

  • “Well Read” achievement 
  • “Friend or Fowl?” achievement 
  • Level a fourth 110 (towards “Quintessential Quintet” achievement) 
  • “Double Agent” achievement
  • “Raiding with Leashes” achievement (Giant Bone Spider, Stitched Pup, Viscidus Globule) 
  • “Raiding with Leashes II” achievement (Netherspace Abyssal, Tideskipper, Coilfang Stalker, Lesser Voidcaller, Menagerie Custodian, Fiendish Imp, Tainted Waveling, Pocket Reaver, Phoenix Hawk Hatchling) 
  • “Turkey Lurkey” achievement 

Secret World Legends 

  • Roll up my Dragon for my new LP YouTube videos


Image by Chic-Pixel

Did I mention it’s #VNNovember for the Community Game-Along challenge? That works out well, considering I want to try to get through the five million dating sims I’ve going at the same time (I’m currently playing Norn9, Sweet Fuse, Period Cube, Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, Dream Daddy, Pub Encounter, and Seduce Me 2).

  • Finish Mitarashi’s route in Sweet Fuse 
  • Start Urabe’s route in Sweet Fuse 
  • Finish Takigawa’s Happy and Super Happy routes in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
#IntPiPoMo Count: 13/50
2017 Game-Along Choices, Part 1

2017 Game-Along Choices, Part 1

The Community Game-Along Initiative

Image by Chic Pixel

Last year, I stumbled upon the Community Game-Along via #DatingSiMonth, and thought it was something really cool to try out. It’s back again, for the fourth year, hosted by Chic Pixel once again. But this year has some different categories to choose from for gaming.

Like last year, I want to try to plan out what to play, and look for suggestions from others if I’m feeling stumped on what to play, or if I’m not digging what I choose to play. The platforms I have available to me, currently, include:

  • X-Box 360 (not my favorite system)
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DS (original—able to play GBA games)
  • PC (by far my favorite platform)
  • PS Vita (my second favorite plaform)
I much prefer playing on the PC or Vita, so choices for those are valued above others. I do aim to purchase a 3DS at some point this year, but that depends on how I budget finances and what “gimme gimme” things I prioritize (there’s a very long list, including updated furniture, tattoos, and Polecon, but that’s another topic for another day). So, let’s plan what to play for the first three themes.

January: #DatingSiMonth

Image from Aksys Games
January has come and gone, and I got in some dating sims just in time. As mentioned prior, I played some Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, and Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. Dating Sims are something I always try to play, so I’ll be continuing all of them throughout the year, regardless. Especially since I am really digging Sweet Fuse. I’m glad I finally picked it up!

February:  #FashionGameFeb

Image from official Sims website

This topic was suggested by Vanishing Age to Apricot Sushi. Last year’s February game topic was fishing simulators. Back then, I used leveling up my fishing in FFXIV as a way to participate in the theme. This year, I’m going to do somewhat the same with World of Warcraft and WildStar. They both have different types of costuming systems, and collecting these items and playing dress-up is lots of fun.

However, I’ve never actually played a fashion game, and I’m intrigued, as Style Savvy is a pretty popular game series. Unfortunately, without a 3DS, I’m going to have to trawl around various Gamestop stores to see if I can find the original DS version. Worse comes to worst, I can always resort to buying one used off of Amazon, as well (which, to be honest, is probably just what I should do and forego Gamestop).

Sims 4 is also currently on sale for 50% off. I’m quite honestly tempted to purchase it because playing dress-up in the Sims is my favorite thing to do, outside of playing Legacy challenges. I’ve held off on Sims 4 because they didn’t have toddlers in the base game, but with the recent addition of toddlers, I’d added it to my budget as a “gimme gimme” (more on my “gimme” list at another point). So maybe I’ll re-prioritize my “gimme” list and pick up the Digital Deluxe version!

March: #MonMonth

Image from PlayStation store

Last year, I had no stinking clue what Monster Hunter-likes were, and Apricot Sushi was kind enough to expound on the types of games that were included in this category. Based on that information, I really don’t know that I’ll like the theme (I kind of stayed away from it as it seemed daunting last year), but I’m going to try really hard to get at least a few hours in of a game. After a lot of research, I think I’ll be picking up Ragnarok Odyssey to give it a try. It’s cutesy enough that it might catch my interest. Overall, though, it will come down to cost-vs-time, what else is on my “gimme” list, and what I feel I can really get away with and enjoy.

#DatingSiMonth and Streaming

#DatingSiMonth and Streaming


Image from Chic Pixel

Just like last year, January was #DatingSiMonth. This is a part of the Community Game-Along that Chic-Pixel has put on for the past four years! I sort of participated throughout the year last year, but got sidetracked by real life. This year, I’m hoping to be able to participate more. And starting up in January with Dating Sims always gets me in the mood to continue. Because, really, how can you go wrong with Dating Sims, right?

I ended up playing a combination of Sweet Fuse, Seduce Me 2, and Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya throughout the month. I totaled only six hours of Dating Sims, but compared to the amount of time I’ve spent gaming and how my time has been alloted, I don’t think that’s too shabby.

Seduce Me Stream

As a part of #DatingSiMonth, I decided to put together a stream on a whim, especially since I wanted to see if streaming was something I’d be interested in doing if I got enough Patreon support to reach my goal. I had a lot of fun doing it, but it’s definitely something that’s draining, and not something I could do consistently without some sort of motivation.

I played two hours worth of Matthew’s route in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. I plan to continue streaming this route, at least in February. I had initially decided February was going to be the first time I’d stream, but then put one together in January just because.

Initially I chose February for a plethora of reasons: Valentine’s Day means it’s fun to play Dating Sims (not that I ever need an excuse!), and mainly I needed a distraction around the 13th of February for some personal reasons. I figured if I was joking with friends and having fun being raunchy about pixelated men, it’d be a fantastic distraction!

So, if you’re interested in watching me play more of Matthew’s route, join me on my Twitch channel in February! No guarantees about future streams unless Patreon works out, but keep an eye on my twitter for last minute streams when I feel like it.

Gaming Goals: May

Gaming Goals: May

I started these Gaming Goals posts back in June 2015 as a way to try to organize my gaming time around freelance obligations as well as my day-job and general life obligations. You can view the archive of goals and reviews here.

Richard expects me to do well this month.

I meant well in March, and then never made goals because real life got extremely overwhelming. May is kind of in-between overwhelming and lots of free-time at the moment. My weekends are fairly free (minus D&D), but my weeks are really busy. So I’m going to try to take it light on goals–especially because ThaydFest is a thing this month. The Secret World also might slow down some because one of our four-person-team is going to be gone most of May, and then Chaide is going to be gone most of June. But at least that gives me time to catch up on the videos.

Image by Chic-Pixel

The Community Game-Along this month is Metroidvania games. So I had planned at the start of the year to get in some Dust: An Elysian Tale. And I’m still going to try to do so, which might reduce some of my other goals. Too bad every month can’t be dating simmonth!


  • Finish Celestion achievements (on Chestnut)
  • Start Galeras achievements (including normal STL and normal Hycrest)
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10
  • Put on ThaydFest without stressing!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • FSH 30
  • BTN 22
  • MIN 22
  • CUL 10

The Secret World

  • Finish and upload Let’s Play 4
  • Start Transylvania

Steam, etc.

  • Finish one route in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
  • Play some Dust: An Elysian Tale
  • Finish the introduction in Norn9: Var Commons
Community Game-Along Game Choices, Part 1

Community Game-Along Game Choices, Part 1

Community Game-Along

Image by Chic Pixel

Not too long ago I mentioned stumbling upon the Community Game-Along challenge for 2016, which featured dating sim games for January. This has apparently been put on for a few years by Apricot Sushi, and I figured why not try it out? But looking at the list, some months are going to be much easier than others. And some I just might need some suggestions, so I hope folks have some! I wanted to lay out what I wanted to play, though, so it was easier to keep track of why I had specific games in my Steam library, for instance, or which games I should purchase based on the platforms I own. Speaking of which, the platforms we have in the house include:

  • X-Box 360 (not my favorite system)
  • PS4 (not my favorite system)
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DS (original—able to play GBA games)
  • PC
  • PS Vita

I much prefer gaming on PC if at all possible, so if you guys have suggestions, ports/emus or such to PC are appreciated. And if it’s on Steam, it’s even better! My handhelds are my second favorite. I’m hoping to one day get on the 3DS train for some of the games that have caught my fancy.

January: Dating Sims

In January, I mainly played Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya (did you know there’s a sequel in the works?!). I didn’t end up finishing it, so my plans of continuing to Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star were a moot point. I also won a copy of both Norn9 and Code Realize for the PSVita from Chic-Pixel thanks to Aksys Games! I didn’t get my Vita until the start of February, though, so I didn’t get to them for January. I did finally start Code Realize last week, and I have thoughts I can’t wait to share in another post.

February: Fishing Games

This topic was suggested by Kimimi to Apricot. I’m not big on fishing simulators, which is ironic considering how much I enjoy fishing in MMOs. Seriously, it’s my favorite thing to do in MMOs. If WildStar had it, I’d play it even more than I already do! I did search through Steam and find a game called Cat Goes Fishing, which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! I’ll also be delving into FFXIV and leveling up my fishing throughout February as well. So next check, when I pick up Cat Goes Fishing, expect some thoughts.

March: Monster Hunter-likes

So I’m not quite sure what to play this month, Or what qualifies as a monster hunter-like game. I assume that Pokemon would count. So I can play some of Pokemon Pearl which Chaide got for me a while ago and I have yet to finish. Granted, I’m not sure what I’d classify as “fnishing” the game. Maybe just getting through all the story would be a nice close to the game. While I “gotta chatch ’em all”, I know it’s not realistic when none of my local friends have a DS.

April: Games with Yuzo Koshiro Scores

I didn’t even know who this chap was until I went over to Wikipedia. He’s composed and scored a lot of games. Like, huge numbers. Many of which I know, but have never really found an interest in. Most of which seem to be for the Nintendo consoles. He did the composition for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and I’ve never played a Castlevania game, but have been told I’d probably enjoy them. So I think I’ll try to pick that up for DS, even if I have to cave and get it used at a GameStop or something.

May: Metroidvania

I’d heard the term Metroidvania before, but I’d never really known what kind of game it described because I’ve never played Metroid, or Castlevania games before. Come to find out it’s a type of platformer game. Now, I guess I could play a Castlevania or Metroid game, but apparently Ori and the Blind Forest is considered a Metroidvania, and I’ve seen a bit of gameplay of that and think it’s pretty cute. Or I could play Dust: An Elysian Tale, which I already have in my Steam Library. Which is probably the better choice to get it finished with.

June: Media Tie-in Games

This topic was suggested by BadoorSNK to Apricot. I honestly have no idea where to go for this topic. I’m not sure if they mean games that are hot right now, or games that are about or include social media, or games that are making commentary on the media in general. I guess all of these could be valid options. So I guess any suggestions are welcome! And I know Apricot will have some suggestions when June starts, but that doesn’t give me much time to find a game at that point.

I think going past June, at this point, will be a bit much, so stay tuned in a few months for Part 2, as well as my thoughts on the various games I pick up for this!

#DatingSimonth: Men of Yoshiwara

#DatingSimonth: Men of Yoshiwara


Image from Chic Pixel

So apparently I missed the memo, but there’s this really cool initiative going around for 2016 called Community Game Alongs. And this month, it happens to revolve around dating sims! How did I miss this?! Having just gotten into Otome, I’ve been devouring everything I could find, buying up any I could find on Steam with great deals, and generally building a collection so I always have one to play if I don’t feel like playing on Mobile.

And looking at the rest of the schedule, I can see myself participating in quite a few more of them, especially after I buy myself a Vita in February sometime (and Chaide one in March). I’m kind of excited to have a way to tailor my game time outside of MMOs so I don’t flounder. The problem with having so many Steam games (at least in my eyes–113 is a pittance compared to a bunch of other folks) is that I get overwhelmed with what to play and then just shut Steam off.
But back to the objective at hand–it is the month focusing on Dating Sims! So I’m going to take advantage of that, and play some more, and share my thoughts on them! Because why not? That’s blog content gold!

Men of Yoshiwara

My first otome game (and visual novel) ever was Hatoful Boyfriend. Some would argue it isn’t a true dating sim, and after playing some more dating sims, I’d definitely have to agree. Regardless, it’s what got me interested in the genre, and with some amazing suggestions from the ladies on Cherry Blossom Heroines, I decided to pick up Men of Yoshiwara on Steam. It also helped that it was a great deal which left me more change to buy more otome! So far I’ve really been enjoying it, though some of the paths were definitely not my cup of tea, to say the least.

For some reason I just decided he was a pretty character and I wanted to do his route first. I’m the most interested in Kagura and Iroha, but I wanted to save what I’m hoping is the best for last! I somehow ended up gravitating towards the “childhood friend” even though I don’t think that’s my type. Granted, I’m still discovering my type. I thought the story was super sweet, and it made me “aww” out loud a few times. I loved it. Probably my favorite so far of all the ones I’ve completed.

I know that the “child” type is one of my least favorites, so I figured I’d knock Kagerou out of the way next. Especially since he annoyed me to no end in Hayabusa’s story. I thought he was whiny, self-centered, and in a way kind of scary like he was going to hurt me. And he definitely came across that way, along with entitled, when I first started his story. But as I continued his play through, he grew on me a lot, and he’s definitely my second favorite of the routes I’ve played so far. The only thing that irked me a bit was the last bit of his story with the whole “trick” people play on the protagonist and Kagerou. It made me feel kind of put out.
I liked the “pretty boy” type in Hatoful Boyfriend, so I figured why not try it in Men of Yoshiwara. He was a little self-centered and a bit overzealous in the other stories, but I felt like giving him a shot. And oh my gosh. He was a big pile of NOPE! I played his entire route (both endings) because I wanted to know more about them, but definitely my least favorite. By. Far. And I’d go into details, but I think my twitter posts about it pretty much sum it up without spoiling it. Plus? He just seemed really abusive emotionally, and I wasn’t a fan.
The only redeeming factor about his story? His dad is totally David Bowie. Honestly, I might go back and replay his story just for his father. Because RIP Bowie.
Then I decided to play Tokiwa. And while I liked him better than Takao by far, he was, in a way, the story with the least “oomph” so far. I really have nothing to say about his story either way than he started to get annoying at the end, and I just wanted it to be over and done with. I was half tempted to fast forward since it was kind of boring.
Next, I’m going to be doing Kagura, and then ending with Iroha. Apparently there’s a Mobile-only gentleman, but I’m hoping that one day he’ll end up on Steam so I can try out his path.