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Archer Time

Archer Time


It has been an interesting week with all our packing. It’s made gaming a little more difficult. Tuesday we would have logged into WildStar, but I had a crap day that was super long, and by the time I was actually relaxing after cooking dinner, it was after Genetic Archives mini-boss night had started. So no WildStar.

Wednesday I helped out some folks that needed Vet Adventures for attunement and ran a Vet Malgrave Trail. We got Silver for them, and it was lots of fun. I do hope to get Gold in there, one day. But for now, I just love helping guildies out that need it so that more can get to raiding!

Thursday our internet went kaput. Freaking Crapcast. It’s like they know we’re moving next week and are acting up. It took me a while to get it back up and running steadily, but I did. By that point, it was almost bedtime, so we crawled into bed and I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls (I never watched it when it was on TV), and Chaide watched some Arrested Development (which I can’t watch because it sends me into anxiety-central watching not-so-great people do things that send their life cascading).

Friday was Normal Dungeon night, and Bauxyte got up to level 28. So close! Hoping to hit 30 today as I quest some in between packing. We also got some folks’ alts through KV/STL that had not yet run them in any capacity, which was pretty cool.

Last night was Genetic Archives! Two mini-bosses were already killed on Tuesday, so we had a clear path to X-89. We got him down to 21% at his lowest for the night, and we’re pretty sure that we’ll get him next week! I was going to tank, but let another stalker from Blazing Saddles do so instead. So I’m hoping our internet works on Saturday after we move so that I can possibly tank next week. Y’hear that, Crapcast?

It was a lot of fun, actually. Though I did spend most of yesterday runing both my sets and trying to get as many AMP/AP as I could. I only have a few more of each to get, which is awesome. And now I’m fully runed on both sets (until I get an upgrade). It was a lot of plat, so I’m going to try to focus on getting in some dailies this coming week so that I’m not so poor anymore (I spent about 15 plat altogether–yikes!).


Tuesday we gamed a bit over on Lamia (we haven’t gamed since Tuesday–silly packing for moving), mainly because it was a very long day so we missed raid in WildStar, and we knew we just needed a short spurt of something. Chaide rolled up a new character and is trying to catch up to me in levels. So I just kind of meandered around and puttered in FC-chat. I did work on a bit of questing, though, to try to hit 10, which I’m just short of.

First, I started with some main story. I had to pull a sword out of a tree stump. Though I can’t exactly remember why. It reminded me of Sword in the Stone and all that and I got a good chuckle out of remembering some Arthur lore and how it’s presented in various media.

At that point, I ran into Papalymo and Yda and their Moogle.

And then bad things happened with a ground tremor or some such. So we had to fight them!

And fight them we did! But, that’s when I saw a shard on the ground…

And then I passed out as I had this… vision? I guess you could call it a vision.

Afterwards, we found a dead Ixal, but not a normal kind–I think it was a leader or some such. Regardless, folks think something is afoot because of the Ixal. Which I’m sure there is something up, no?

After this quest, I just sort of went around killing things for other quests until it was time to log. I’m hoping to get in some various aspects of gaming today before World Boss night in WildStar. Maybe I can hit level 12 on the Archer, too!

Daggers’ First Raid

Daggers’ First Raid

Last night, the Daggers (and some Blazing Saddles) went into Genetic Archives for the first time ever. We had about eighteen people total throughout the night (dipping to fifteen at our lowest), and we had a blast!

We spent about four hours total inside, and beat up lots and lots of trash.

We also downed the Hideously Malformed Mutant miniboss…

…as well as the Genetic Monstrosity miniboss.

We even took a couple stabs at Experiment X-89, and got him down to about 80%.

But then he bugged.

All in all, it was a fabulous night, and I’m looking forward to our next casual foray into Genetic Archives on July 5!

Attunement Done!

Attunement Done!

I’ve been spending a large quantity of time in WildStar since Thursday (though Friday I pretty much just binged on Gilmore Girls, which I’m enjoying, as I never watched it at the time it was on television).

I’ve helped run a lot of dungeons, worked on contracts, reps, and dailies… and I finished my attunement for Genetic Archives!!

I’m glad to be done, honestly. Though the hardest part wasn’t the adventures, or dungeons, or bosses, (though they were are difficult). The most difficult part was finding the desire to finish it. To find a group of people I’d like to raid with, and not just “put up with” or what-have-you.

While there have been some changes in-guild recently, I think we’ve gained some pretty awesome members who are looking for the same type of things the rest of us are. And that’s half the battle.

Having a good guild is the most important part for me when it comes to raiding. I’d rather take it slowly, once a week for a few hours, rather than farm through it for the gear. The gear isn’t what makes it fun for me (though it can make things easier)–it’s the people you complete the challenge with.

Even dungeons I’ve run a bunch feel fresh and new and exciting when you have the right group together personality-wise (despite how much you do or don’t wipe). While it wasn’t a specific goal for the month, it’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in game-play. And I’ll be sure to take a bunch of shots when we hit up Genetic Archives for the first time next weekend!

Wait, What’s the Word Again?

Wait, What’s the Word Again?

The bird IS the word. The birds before Alysrazor, that is. Our guild doesn’t do research on trash. We like to kind of figure it out on our own. Except that the birds before Alys completely stumped us. Even after multiple attempts.

I won’t ruin the gimmick mechanic of the fight for those that don’t want to know, but all I can say, is that is the most fun I’ve had on trash in a very long time! Alys is also quite fun… compared to Lord Rhyolith. Rhyo can suck an egg. We must have a busted strategy or fail drivers because he is not getting past 30%, despite our successes on Shan and Beth. Though research suggests it’s hit or miss with Rhyo depending on his volcanoes even after hotfixes.

Anyways, how is everybody else enjoying Firelands? Progression going as planned? I know some people are having issues because it’s the summer, but I hope people are at least seeing it that want to!

Shade of the Elm: 10/12

Shade of the Elm: 10/12

I wanted to once again give a quick shoutout to my guild for downing Cho’gall last night. We spent a total of fifty-something attempts trying to down his butt, and it was very rewarding for everybody involved to crack that mutha.

I just wish I’d been able to grab a better screenshot!!!
In no particular order: Sellkies, Kanati, Sbayi, Wrink, Foolish, Wind, Bob, Mana, Chaide, Chest
Special thanks to: Everybody whom ever spent a wipe or two or more on Cho with us!

I also wanted to congratulate our new raiding group, “Avengers of the Elm” (they go in and smash things for vengeance on the group that starts the day before…. hehe) on their first kill!

In no particular order: Sbayi, Air, Chest, Raiz, Ury, Guul, Chef, Mana, Xeph
Special thanks to: Achillestone of Paradigm Redux

Keep up the great work everybody! I’m so proud of all of you!!! 🙂

Shade of the Elm: 9/12

Shade of the Elm: 9/12

I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to my guild, congratulating them on our ninth boss kill since we started raiding in late-January. We may not be the most hardcore progression guild, but we have a ton of fun, and we get stuff done!

This week has just been an amazing set of runs–we downed all of the bosses that were semi-progression easily this week, and I think we’re starting to get over the hump. 🙂

I have the utmost confidence that this weekend we’ll be 10/12 when we down Cho’gall (3% last week!). Again, grats everybody! And not just those that were there for the kill, but each and every one of you that puts the effort in with heroic runs, professions, and more! 

In no particular order: Chest, Chaide, Chef, Fed, Sbayi, Kanati, Bob, Sellkies, Ques and Wrink.
Special thanks to: Wind and Vara
Shade of the Elm, the Kingslayers

Shade of the Elm, the Kingslayers

About twenty wipes over three hours. That’s what Saturday night looked like. Aggravating for some (lots of wiping always is), and exciting for others. We almost had him. The valks just kept killing us. We called it a night at our normal time.

We started early on Sunday, in case we were going to have a repeat of Saturday. All of us stoked. Somehow knowing it was going to be the night. And it was the night! After about six months of Shade of the Elm grinding out ICC, we down Arthas for the first time. Vent was a riot. It was exhilarating. The title finally felt official, even though the Elephant and I had already nabbed it. We one-shot him. (We aren’t counting the one attempt where someone was in the wrong spec. 😉 ) Also, thank you to Slater from Iron Circle for filling our third healer spot for the night!

Foolish, Me, Wind, the Elephant, Cand, Cheezy, Digi, Sellk, Vara, and IC’s Slater.

Congratulations Shade of the Elm! We did it!

Now, to switch around some people to get a few other dedicated guildies their titles…

Chestnut the Kingslayer

Chestnut the Kingslayer

I still can’t wrap my head around it. Nope, I can’t. After being a hardcore raider and finally getting burnt out, and then moving to a server to just enjoy the game and all its aspects (read: Achievements!!!!), I never thought I’d get it. Nope. Not me.

Sure, I’ve been raid leading an ICC10 Saturday/Sunday with the guild, and the weekly, and some older stuff like AQ40, and helping to heal the second ICC10 Tuesday/Thursday group for the guild… but I never thought I’d get it. We’ve seen Arthas as a guild. Yup, casual little ol’ Shade of the Elm has gotten their paws on Arthas. We just had two heals that night, and couldn’t down him, sadly (but that shall all change this weekend!).

Kingslayer. Yep. I still feel like it didn’t happen, even though my title is sitting up there and on my Armory.

Iron Circle, the Elephant Tree and Me!

I want to send a great big Thank You over to Iron Circle for asking us along for a Kingslayer run on an off-week for our guild. Thank you again, T, Steg, Ru and the rest! It’s been a pleasure playing with you all, no matter the capacity. Hope we can still run things together come Cataclysm! 😉

And I’m still wrapping my head around it…