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F2P Information Cometh!

F2P Information Cometh!

Almost Twenty-Five

No no, not me. Bauxyte! Bauxyte is my Baby Warrior. I’ve been waffling on which alt I want to level next, as I keep discovering some are more fun then others, then changes come out, and a different one is more fun than another. But I always seem to come back to Bauxyte in the end. She’s not the first alt I rolled. In fact, she’s pretty much the most recent one.

But there’s just something about a sassy Granok lady in heavy armor, no?

Tuesday night was a normals night I set up. We ended up running just one STL and one KV while I was online, but it was pretty much all just toons at-level, and no level 50s helping out. Which made it a tad more challenging. But a lot more fun.

I even got a pretty baller shot of the final boss in KV.

Free to Play News

Last Thursday, Massively posted an article from E3 with some more Free to Play details. Other sites, like MMOGames, had details as well.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot of stuff coming down the line! I was originally going to write a whole big spiel on what I like and what I’m wary about. But, the more I sit on it, and the more I listen to the devs, the more I’m excited for the Free to Play transition.

Yes, I know, there will be some rough patches, but for a game I love to survive, a lot of these changes are going to help it do so–and become even better.

There were also announcements that Wildstar is going to be heading to China! The original article can be found here, and WildStar-Core also did a recap.

The biggest thing, though? THOSE PETS! I WANT THOSE PETS! And it looks like we should be getting them…

@manuchaudemon @jeremieldridge @Jazzy_Gaming More info will be coming on that. Don’t worry, we know you guys want ’em. πŸ™‚

β€” Kristen DeMeza (@TisCaydiem) June 25, 2015

@jeremieldridge @Jazzy_Gaming Wait until you guys see them in motion. (And don’t worry, those fellas aren’t just for China.)

β€” Kristen DeMeza (@TisCaydiem) June 25, 2015

Strange Tales from Outer Space (a WildStar podcast you should check out) recently had Caydiem on as well, and she had some cool things to say about the game, and hint at for what’s coming in the future.

Stream Part II

Yesterday, there was a stream where they covered (again) the changes coming, and answered some questions.

In particular, Steven Engle (Meerkat), covered stat changes in a Reddit AMA. Which is, admittedly, a huge topic of debate for folks. While I do have some hang-ups on the stats, I’m hoping things are going to go well. Meerkat is pretty adept at what he does, so I’m going to trust that things won’t get too “dumbed down”. (I’m also working on an article summarizing the AMA for QueueTimes, so look for it in a few days! EDIT: You can now find the article here.)

Dungeons are getting a bit of tweaking, and there’s going to be group content to level through instead of questing, if that’s your cuppa. Honestly, I like the questing, but I am glad that there’s more content streamlining for the guildies that do like to get some dungeon-time. Especially since it gets the guild Influence. πŸ˜‰

I am, however, excited about Alpha-Sanctum! It’s going to be the new level 15 dungeon, and introduce a lot more of the start of the Drusera quest-line early on, which is actually one of my complaints with the game..

As for the Sprint changes? I’m not as sad as I originally was. You can still use Sprint in combat, but you will have to use the default key for it. Otherwise, out of combat, you can toggle it on or off for a constant buff. My big concern was if Sprint was going to be pointless in Combat.

There were some updates on the Loyalty program, but nothing more than things they’ve released in various articles and such.

They also covered quite a few questions that were a tad difficult to keep up with (being at work and all), but they usually load the Streams up on YouTube later, and I’ll link to it if they do.

In particular, I’m looking forward to the Deep Dive articles that the CM and Dev team will be putting out for all of the changes. They’re what I’m looking forward to the most.

Daggers’ First Raid

Daggers’ First Raid

Last night, the Daggers (and some Blazing Saddles) went into Genetic Archives for the first time ever. We had about eighteen people total throughout the night (dipping to fifteen at our lowest), and we had a blast!

We spent about four hours total inside, and beat up lots and lots of trash.

We also downed the Hideously Malformed Mutant miniboss…

…as well as the Genetic Monstrosity miniboss.

We even took a couple stabs at Experiment X-89, and got him down to about 80%.

But then he bugged.

All in all, it was a fabulous night, and I’m looking forward to our next casual foray into Genetic Archives on July 5!

Attunement Done!

Attunement Done!

I’ve been spending a large quantity of time in WildStar since Thursday (though Friday I pretty much just binged on Gilmore Girls, which I’m enjoying, as I never watched it at the time it was on television).

I’ve helped run a lot of dungeons, worked on contracts, reps, and dailies… and I finished my attunement for Genetic Archives!!

I’m glad to be done, honestly. Though the hardest part wasn’t the adventures, or dungeons, or bosses, (though they were are difficult). The most difficult part was finding the desire to finish it. To find a group of people I’d like to raid with, and not just “put up with” or what-have-you.

While there have been some changes in-guild recently, I think we’ve gained some pretty awesome members who are looking for the same type of things the rest of us are. And that’s half the battle.

Having a good guild is the most important part for me when it comes to raiding. I’d rather take it slowly, once a week for a few hours, rather than farm through it for the gear. The gear isn’t what makes it fun for me (though it can make things easier)–it’s the people you complete the challenge with.

Even dungeons I’ve run a bunch feel fresh and new and exciting when you have the right group together personality-wise (despite how much you do or don’t wipe). While it wasn’t a specific goal for the month, it’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in game-play. And I’ll be sure to take a bunch of shots when we hit up Genetic Archives for the first time next weekend!

Of Skeech and Jabbits

Of Skeech and Jabbits

Skeech Shaman

Last night was a fairly chill night in WildStar. I worked on some guild management stuff, and then helped out some guildies with attunement by running a Vet Siege of Tempest Refuge and a Vet War of the Wilds. A Skeech Shaman happened to drop in the WotW run, and I won the greed roll!

Lookit him! Isn’t he so cute! I mean, as cute as a Skeech can be, anyway. Plus, he’s just as tall as my Aurin.

Strain-Corrupted Jabbit

I also ended up procuring a Strain-Corrupted Jabbit from the guild bank. While I was dropping dyes that were repeats into the bank, I saw a Jabbit sitting there, and according to the logs, he’d been there over a week. From what I’ve read, he’s one of the more common drops that most folks have handed off to alts already.

But, since I’m not an MMO monogamist by any means, I didn’t have him yet. But now I do. While he’s not my favorite model (because anything Strain-related is kind of creepy and shudder-worthy to me), I do think it’s cute how he looks around when he stands on his back legs.


We also ran a quick Protogames to get the shoulders for a guildie who’s back from hiatus, and to help a few of us get some more challenges for attunement on them. I’m hoping to get in a few more runs and then I can start working on my DPS version. I did get enough Glory to possibly purchase a tanking helm, so that’s nice. I plan to look at that and fiddle with my Glory vendor sometime this week.

First time trying this room out. I got to be the beacon runner!

Screw this room and the robots.

Tonight we have a guild RP event, and the devs apparently have an in-game surprise for folks tonight at 9:30 EST. So I’ll be staying up for that, and taking lots of screenshots. I’m interested to see what it is. I hope it’s not imminent death by Rowsdower or something

Gaming Goals: June

Gaming Goals: June


Gaming yesterday was a bit lacking. I did log into WildStar, but I mainly started taking care of some guild-management stuff for when we go F2P. A lot of combing the roster, seeing if folks have applied to our site, yada yada. I also put together Episode 5 of Yardcore Nexus, which takes some time. And it doesn’t always cooperate with the game, either, so at one point I had to sit and watch Netflix while my video rendered. I think that’s a sign I need an upgrade to my computer? But I’m not sure what to upgrade. Besides, we don’t have the extra cash for it right now, anyway.

Oh! I completely forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that some guildies helped me out with some attunement this weekend. I needed to kill the big slug guy, and they readily came out to help smash his face with me. It was very sweet of everybody, and it made me feel really good to know that the guild has people willing to work to help everybody even if they are already done with something, or whether they are not yet at that point. It’s just a really heartwarming feeling.

Since I didn’t really get a lot of gaming in due to some schedule changes IRL, I feel like it will be beneficial for me to set myself some gaming goals so that I don’t sign into a game I really want to play and then go, “OMG WHAT DO I DO?!” and then log out. Because having too much to choose from can sometimes be a bit… overwhelming. And then my anxiety flares up, and that’s never good. So, I’m thinking I’ll try to do this monthly! Not sure how interesting these posts will be, but feel free to add suggestions or make comments on my goals.

WildStar Goals

  • Reach the max tier of both the PvP and PvE contracts by the end of the month (I still have yet to max them since they came out)
  • Max my rep in the Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes (The first two daily areas. And no, I still haven’t finished maxing the reps.)
  • Finish out my PvP DPS set (purples)
  • Finish runing my PvE Tank and DPS sets (I need to stop putting this off, as now I’m starting to use it as an excuse to not run content)
  • Take care of my massive list of guild management-related items (Good thing we have Officers to help delegate!)
  • Find some more folks for Yardcore Nexus and have a video for every week this month
  • BONUS: Finish filling out my Outfitter tree



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach level 10 CUL
  • Reach level 10 ALC
  • Reach 35 MRD
  • Reach 30 GLA


  • Reach level 15
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Reach level 25
  • Run some more flashpoints for fun (and profit!)
  • Research professions and pick some up
  • Create a new character (healer?) for profession reasons
  • Purchase a personal stronghold
  • Access my personal ship
  • Try out the ship PvP (Ewwww spatial awareness… I’ll let y’all know how it goes!)


  • Get through the majority of Savage Coast (at least finish the amusement park stuff)
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog!


  • Play some more to get past the first few quests
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog

There you have it! Come July I’ll revisit the list and see what got done, and what didn’t. And re-evaluate what I think I can do each month based on that. (Especially since we have a vacation in July which will mean a week of no-gaming, again.)

One Year of WildStar

One Year of WildStar

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the official release of WildStar. One of my guildies posed a question on the guild forums, asking:

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had in Wildstar? Regardless of if you’ve been here since the start of beta or just a couple weeks.

I think this is a fabulous question, and I hope that many other folks that play WildStar decide to answer it.

From the official WildStar page.

For me, one of the most memorable experiences has been just having a way to happily spend my time with new friends, and old ones. We brought some friends over, and some stayed, and others didn’t. But we met many new friends in the process.

All of the events that Black Daggers have helped put together over the past year (ThaydFests, Lifestyles of Nexus contests, the guild birthday party) have been memorable, as well. Even being on the coordinator end, it’s been a blast to see the fun the community has as a whole.

I think that’s the biggest thing for me–seeing the WildStar community grow and put together events on all the servers–not just Entity. It’s wonderful to see the community snowballing and taking on content creation and event hosting of its own.

And while there are quite a few folks that are highly-adamant fans (I refuse to use the term “fanboys”) on the WildStar forums that will chase off naysayers, I do think that there are a vocal bunch that will speak logically and intelligently, and passionately about things that should be fixed, and things that would be nice to be fixed. I’m hoping with the F2P movement that we will see more of this.

I think overall it’s difficult to choose one particular thing that’s made the biggest influence on me, or has been the most memorable. There’s lots of little snippets–some of which I’ve mentioned, and some of which I haven’t. Some of these memories have been good, and others may not have been. But all of them have been memorable, and have helped the guild and me as a player develop into what it is/I am now.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Not too long ago, I talked about housing being one of the most robust features in WildStar.  Well, I neglected to talk about the costuming system as well, especially after the Holo-Wardrobe addition in the latest drop (Drop 5).
While I love the things people do with their costumes, I’ve never been good at putting them together. I pretty much run with one costume that’s my main, and a few I kind of switch out, but those other than my main took forever to put together. And my main costume? I’ve had it since, oh, level 14. Yep. It hasn’t been changed since the first few months of the game. That’s how much I stink at costuming.
But some of the guildies do an amazing job with costuming! Sheae, for instance, is sporting a cute “pretty in pink” look, and Positive is pulling off a pretty awesome Iron Man in the background.
It’s awesome seeing so much creativity in-game with the costume system! Maybe one day I’ll take the time to sit down with a list of dyes to collect them all and work on changing out some costumes.
True Detective

True Detective

WildStar Week

Ladies in front, boys in the back! (LtoR: Sheae, Doom Kitty, Myself, Positive, Camara)

This past week was a busy week in WildStar. Tuesday night we ran Bay of Betrayal on the PTR again, and almost downed the last boss! We’re going to try again next week. I’m in the process of writing a post for my thoughts on the Drop 5 PTR, and I hope to be posting it soon (as it includes a fast-forwarded video of us running Bay of Betrayal).

Friday was our “Normals Night” as I like to call it. We have a lot of 50s that run Veteran/high level content throughout the week, but we also have a lot of people new to the game, new to the guild, or just wanting to get some time in on an alternate character–so we like to set aside a night here and there for them.

We do run impromptu stuff, but it’s nice to know that there’s a night where people can put their feet up and help each other out–which is what we’re all about. I ended up helping out on three runs before I had to log for the night. I ran a Hycrest Insurrection and Kel Voreth on my Slinger, and a Baby Protostar on my Baby Esper.

I’m actually enjoying Esper DPS a lot more than Slinger DPS. In a way it reminds me of Elemental Shamans from WoW, and I loved Shaelee, my elemental/resto shaman. Oh, how fortuitous that my Esper is also named Shaelee and has the same coloring as my resto shaman…

I’m hoping that Chaide will want to get in on leveling his baby warrior (Keanu Anderson–yes, it’s a Matrix reference, and yes, he hams it up with Matrix references on the toon), as we’d been leveling the toons together.

WildStar News

PvP Season 1.5 has been announced with lots of changes incoming, and the PvP community is starting to become cautiously optimistic. Also included will be a mini-pet (companion, whatever) that the top 5% of PvPers in 3v3 Arenas will have access to. This will either (1) get more people interested in PvP to try to win it, or (2) people will QQ because they have to play hundreds of plat for that one mini-pet. Honestly, I think it’s great to reward people with things like that, and eventually the prices will come down for it if people don’t want it. I know that it’s good motivation for some of my guildies that dabble in PvP to come play Arenas with me. So there’s that.

DD (the WildStar CM) announced yesterday, was the ability to copy your live characters onto the PTR instead of having to re-roll a new level 50. Not that the process is difficult by any means, but some people just can’t be parted from their mains for various reasons. So I’m hoping it’ll get some more folks checking out the PTR.

Real Life

Wednesday and Thursday were busy days with real life shenanigans, and left little time for gaming. With Chaide’s graduation coming up soon, we’ve a month full of events, including my mother being in town for Mother’s Day and his graduation. That week there will probably be very little gaming, so instead, I think I’ll be taking some photos of the things we go do and making short photo-oriented posts for the days she’s in town.

Last night, Chaide and I were invited to a dinner party. We were the youngest there, but we had a lot of fun. The food was delicious, and the people who invited us were very gracious hosts. It was sort of a teacher-networking thing as well, in a way. Which was nice for Chaide.

True Detective

Chaide and I recently finished the BBC Broadchurch, and have been looking for a new show to watch. A while ago, one of our friends told us to check out True Detective, and likened it to “Lovecraft without the Lovecraft”. After having watched 5 of the 8 episodes, I would have to disagree with the statement.

It’s a very interesting mix of general horror meets crime-show meets philosophical debate meets psychological horror. It’s very good and worth the time, assuming you enjoy psychological horror shows. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey truly bring the characters to life and give them a purpose. They’ve always been fantastic actors, but this solidifies them as gentlemen that will continue to be fantastic actors well into Sean Connery-age.

Also, the theme song for the season is a lot of fun. Give it a try if you’re looking for a new show to watch.

Veteran Dungeon Bonanza

Veteran Dungeon Bonanza

Wine Tasting

Last night Chaide and I went to my first ever wine tasting. It was Tuscany wines, and was a lot of fun. I am new to the world of wines, having always preferred various takes on Hard Ciders and hard liquors, particularly Whiskies. I found three that I liked, and we’re going to start a list of wines we’d like to purchase whenever we feel like wine, or have guests.

As we’re also looking to start a family soon, I felt compelled to do some research on how/if pregnant women are even allowed to go to wine tastings. In today’s culture (at least in the USA) there’s so many mixed messages on what women can and can’t do while pregnant, and after a bunch of research it was… still mixed messages. The biggest bit of clarity I saw was to know your own limits, speak with your doctor, and be safe. Women that make careers off of being wine tasters/crafters suggest the “spit method” while pregnant, and paying attention to your body’s reactions of how you normally feel when a buzz starts. If the buzz starts, they suggest laying off of it and eating/drinking water.

I truly had a lot of fun, and we had a nice dinner afterwards. It was great to get out on a date night, and I hope to continue doing the wine tastings, no matter what the pregnancy situation happens to be. Especially since next month is RosΓ©s and Summer Whites. I’m very much looking forward to that one!

Guild Meeting

This weekend we spent a lot of time in WildStar. We had a guild meeting on Sunday to discuss some upcoming items and address any questions folks had. It was the most successful meeting to date! We had so many folks that we had to expand TeamSpeak to hold 30 people instead of the 25 we had it at originally!

Not only that, everyone bounced over to Myrick’s plot (Doom Kitty‘s other half) and had fun RPing during the meeting. One of the guild members loves doing raffles, and so raffled off two CREDD, a bunch of dyes, costumes, housing plot items, and the Snarfelynx mount (that another member kindly donated).

I’m so amazed and thankful for how far the guild has come, and the community we’ve built. While we use our forums a bunch, we’re trying to get people to sign up on Anook and understand that while the Guild is based in WildStar, we’re all pretty much multi-gamers in different types of games, and this is a way to stay more connected when folks need/want a WildStar break, or are just having fun with their newest obsession (*coughBattlefrontcough*).

Veteran Dungeons

Outside of the guild meeting, and a Stalker/Slinger Class Pow Wow for the guild, the weekend was busy with some Veteran Dungeons. I think I ran three or four over the weekend? Friday night we tried a Vet Skullcano, and just couldn’t down Redmoon (I think our lowest was 6%). However, we’d been going for a fair amount of time by that point and were just exhausted–it was midnight-thirty for us.

Saturday night we ran a Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, and downed it fairly easily. We had the most trouble with Rayna Darkspear (the fire boss) and spent a good hour on her alone. I think we got the final boss (spoiler free) in four attempts total? Overall, it was a great run, and we spent three hours in there on vet, which isn’t bad at all considering running newer players through the normal at level 50 can still take two hours, sometimes.

Sunday, while Chaide finished out lesson plans for the week, I finally completed my first Ultimate Protogames. We had the most trouble on Bev-o-Rage (fuck that hallway!), but got it down after a good 45-60 minutes. While we only wiped two or three times on Hut Hut, it was the longest considering how long the game itself can take, especially if he catches the ball after a fumble.

Gear Woes

I’ve been having some trouble keeping aggro off of a fully raid geared warrior we have in guild (who is the sweetest guy ever, and loves running this stuff with us because raiding no longer really fits in his schedule–plus he’s over the four nights a week even though he got some server first kills) with my Frenzy build, and it has been almost demoralizing. I feel bad hollering at him when he’s at 90% aggro, because I know it sucks holding back on DPS.

Luckily, like I said, he’s a nice guy, so it doesn’t aggravate him (too much, at least, it seems that way, I mean, I hope so). I think my biggest issue overall is the lack of Stalker Tank gear that has dropped for me as of late. Most of our DPS is rocking purples and I’ve been stuck in, well, blues. Granted, they’re mostly ilvl 58, but I’m still “rocking” ilvl 53 gloves. :

I am happy to announce that after completing two Vet dungeons that drop purples, I now have an ilvl 61 chest piece, an ilvl 61 shield (I think it’s a shield, either that or implant), and I’m working on the imbuements for my ilvl 65 shoulders off of Bev-o-Rage (which are outrageous at 10 plat a pop, though the Warrior was so sweet and gave me the cash for them!). Now I’m just looking forward to downing Veteran Skullcano so that I can purchase the Glory Gear (ilvl 61)!

So, while I’m not there yet, I am having a slightly easier time keeping aggro. Because, really? I hate spamming Nano-Field. It isn’t my tank style. And why would I tank if I didn’t enjoy the build?

ThaydFest II, WildCast Podcast, and Yardcore

ThaydFest II, WildCast Podcast, and Yardcore


Last Sunday (the 15th), Black Dagger Society and a bunch of other guilds (in particular, Blazing Saddles) and folks on the Entity server (Exile side) put together an awesome WildStar event called ThaydFest! We had a bunch of people come out for all the events and hang out and just be awesome together.

We held a housing contest called Lifestyles of Nexus where judges went around to folks’ houses and we came up with winners, whose plots are pretty damn awesome! You can see videos if you go look at the winners.

Twitter was afoot with tons of pictures and streams and videos and comments. It was so great to see the WildStar community coming together for a shared experience like that. πŸ™‚

I spent a bunch of time going to as many events as I could, including the Fight Club hosted by Blazing Saddles, and then I was a pacer for the Footrace. I also attended the Fashion contest and took a video!

Chaide ended up winning one of the categories for the contest, and won a character sketch by the amazing Typrop. He’s very excited, and I’ll be sure to post it in the blog when we get it. πŸ™‚

WildCast Podcast

I had the pleasure of joining Avidguru and Dahk (who was filling in for Behalter) for the WildCast Podcast, episode 61. (It is not up, yet, but I’ll be posting a link as soon as it goes live.) We discussed things such as ThaydFest, INVASION: Nexus (aka Drop 5), The Ravaging of Arboria, and just goofed off a little bit. It’s a family friendly podcast, so I’m proud of myself for keeping my sailor’s mouth in check except for saying “shit” at some point, which I’m sure Avid is going to gleefully bleep out.

Yardcore: Nexus

So, I recorded all of the videos for the winners in the Lifestyles contest, and I had a blast doing so. So much so that I’m going to be starting a weekly YouTube video where I sit down in Skype or TeamSpeak with a house creator, and interview them while we tour their plot for about thirty minutes or so. I’m aiming to have the first one completed for the first week of April, and continue them from there.

If you play WildStar and would like to volunteer your house for this, let me know, or comment on the post I’ve going on the official forums.

Monitors Ahoy (hoy)!

On Monday, Chaide and I met up at the Best Buy after work and purchased a second monitor for the both of us (as well as a PS4 for his graduation present, because he graduates in MAY!!!). After getting them home and trying to set them up, we promptly figured out that our graphics card didn’t have a VGA hookup, and the monitors didn’t come with the DVI cord to hookup the video card. -_- Why do you make things so difficult, companies? Why not just include both cords? *sigh*

So anyway, I drove back to the store, which luckily isn’t very far away (maybe 10 minutes) to buy two stinking DVI cords to hook up and set up our monitors. But, WE HAVE SECOND MONITORS!! I’m so excited!! Here’s what my new set up looks like.

Thursday night was not a good night for tech, however. While I was walking the dog I dropped my phone (which is always in a case) and the LCD underneath the glass screen shattered. The nuts and bolts were still working (I was still getting notifications, etc.) but the screen wasn’t working. Luckily, there’s a place nearby work that gives a discount to folks at my place of employment, and I had it fixed in about forty-five minutes after I got there. Needless to say, when it first happened, I was a wreck for the rest of the night, and part of Friday.

Today’s plans consist of some FFXIV (both before we head out and maybe after we get back), a guild meeting/RP in WildStar, and then some tabletop gaming with some friends, and possibly a Kodra sighting (meaning, he might show up to tabletop)!