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Estates, Lighthouses, and Amusement Parks

Estates, Lighthouses, and Amusement Parks

Yardcore Nexus

While Saturday was chores and WildStar raiding, Sunday was a bit more laid back. There was more chores (of course), but we got in some solid gaming time, too. I also decided (as I put together a Yardcore video) that for me to continue enjoying to put out and enjoy putting out Yardcore Nexus, I’m going to have to scale them back to every-other week or so. And not get stressed if real life comes up and delays an episode a week. So, look for Episode 7 later today!
I also watched the STOS stream this weekend with Caydiem, but I’m saving thoughts on some of that information (and some other F2P information released last week) for tomorrow or Wednesday, after STOS puts out their YouTube version so I can link it.

Lord Grathan

We decided to hop into SWTOR while we waited for our friend Cam so we could play some Secret World. We headed over to where we would pick up some quests for Lord Grathan’s place. 

Even amongst the Empire, most folks think Grathan is kind of, well, crazy. Sarnova (aka Duchess) has been sending troops into Grathan’s Estate, but they haven’t reported back–they’ve gone missing. Doesn’t bode well for them.

On the bridge headed over, we ran into Bryn, who was looking for some plans to some turrets. Being a dedicated Imperial Agent, I was more than willing to bring them to him. He also had the best quote, albeit somewhat foreboding, as mad scientists are never a good thing: “Grathan’s trouble, see. Big trouble. Mad scientist type. Likes weapons. Cyborgs. Droids. Ergonomic chairs.”

We made it into his Estate, killed some guards, and found that Duchess’ troops have been turned into… cyborgs? It was actually really quite creepy and reminded me a bunch of the Cybermen in Doctor Who. I even teared up a little bit.

We also ran across Ismar, who is an indentured scientist and resentful of the position, who wants to steal plans in cybernetics that Grathan has been working on, and sell it to the highest bidder… providing us a 60% cut, of course.

So we decided to venture into Grathan’s Estate and attempt to steal the Mask of Revan for the Revanite clan. We ended up summoning some lackies, but disposed of them with ease.

At this point, Cam was ready to play some Secret World, so we switched over to play. I’m excited to get past this point, because this is the last thing I remember from when we first played at release.

The Lighthouse and the Amusement Park

We spent a good chunk of time in Secret World starting and finishing the Lighthouse quests, and finishing up the Amusement Park quests. Again, this is about where we left off when we first played Secret World at launch. Actually, come to think of it, we did one or two quests over at Miskatonic University Innsmouth Academy.

I’ve been having issues with my screen shots as well, randomly. F11 wasn’t working, so I switched to PrtScrn. And now PrtScrn isn’t working, and switching back to F11 isn’t helping. Does OBS fiddle with this? I hope not. Anybody have any solutions?

Some days I really regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to have a Legacy account, or whatever it’s called. I’m enjoying Secret World much more than I am Star Wars. Though I have to wonder why, because the immersion and lore in both games are completely up my alley. Maybe after we get through all the content in SWTOR, I’ll switch my sub over to TSW instead. I’m really excited for the anniversary coming up in July, and I’m crossing my fingers I get a Scooby Bike! But, more on that in another post.

Dax’s New Body

Dax’s New Body

A Rose Would Smell As Sweet

So, to the horror of many Star Trek/Star Wars folks, I have created a new alt in SWTOR, and her name is… Jadz’iaa!

Yup. Jadzia is (one of) my favorite character(s) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. When I was a kid watching Star Trek, I really wanted to be Jadzia, and I got a little jealous when so-and-so marries her. Because who wouldn’t want to marry Jadzia?

One of the things I loved (and still love) about Star Trek is that women were human beings–they weren’t put in just for flavor. They were an integral part of the show. They were just as strong as the gents, and they had lives. They weren’t just “kick ass and take names” ladies with no friends, no family, and no love life. I looked up to Jadzia as a female while growing up in the Sci-Fi genre.

So when I spent the Cartel Coins to unlock Twi’lek (yeah yeah) and I saw the spots option, I had to name her Jadzia, even if it is a sin to crossover Trek and Wars like that. Because my Bounty Hunter is a kick-ass lady who will cut you into Sunday. But she also has a soft side. She see Mako as her adopted little sister. She might one day be interested in the romance options available to her (Maybe. Glancing at the list of companions didn’t thrill me.). And yes, to a degree, she has a bit of my own personality. But she’s modeled after the character traits I saw in Jadzia growing up.

Bounty Hunter Fun

So I started a bit of the Bounty Hunter quest line. I do have to say: I really don’t like Hutta. I really hope that the other two classes don’t have to start on Hutta. Ugh. Hutta.

But I really liked Jory. I thought he was neat. He didn’t get sarcasm. It was kind of cute.

Then it was off to kill a smuggler so I could get into some sort of Bounty Hunter contest. To do so I needed more of a name for myself, so off he had to go.

I also helped out some lady, and sided with her husband, that, yeah, she was a little out there. So I sent him off with his son, instead of killing the husband and sending the son off by himself.

When I got back to the base of operations, I found Jory and Braden dead. Mako and I reviewed the tapes and decided I should follow-through with the plan.

So off I went to go visit Nem’ro, who is going to sponsor me, so long as I go kill somebody. So the conversation went awry and I ended up having to kill him even though it wasn’t my intention. Ah well. Nem’ro will get his head, and I’ll be well on my way into the contest.

Honestly, I really just want off of Hutta so I can go pick up my professions and start working on those. Because I’m really liking how I can AFK-farm. It feels a little cheap, but it’s a nice short break every so often while working to be able to queue up some more gathering.

Chissy Chissy Makes Me Happy

Chissy Chissy Makes Me Happy

Best Title Ever

I think this is my best blog post title yet. 😛 I was listening to and some other DDR music just before I hopped into SWTOR. So the title just kind of had to happen. And then I giggled for a long while.

So, post over the weekend seem to be my foible in blogging. I’m trying to think of solutions. I want to get ready for Blaugust, haha.


This weekend I spent a bunch of time playing around in SWTOR outside of chores and some TSW and WildStar.

In WildStar, I spent time attending the Nexus Best Dressed Gala. I was unfortunately late because I was out running chores and there was terrible traffic. The trials and tribulations of working in Atlanta. It was a bunch of fun, so thanks to the folks who put that together for the Exiles on Entity! I loved the special costume rounds they had, haha. Make your bed, Croog!

I also ran a few adventures and dungeons and a bunch of contracts. On a normal STL run with my baby Warrior (who is becoming a new favorite alt over my Slinger), the Pelbot pet dropped off the first boss and the guy who won it passed it over to me to send to Chestnut. Chestnut hasn’t opened her mail since, but I’m excited to learn him, and I’ll be sure to post a picture!

I also ran Bay of Betrayal for the first time on live. The purple tanking claws happened to drop and have now replaced my iLevel 55 claws! Thank you to the other two stalkers in the group who passed on them for me. I also picked up a tanking helm from the Glory vendor. Now that I have a bit more purple tanking gear, it will make it a tad bit easier to rune the set with a lot of the purple runes I’ve picked up via contracts. Speaking of contracts, I got to the third out of fifth tier for PvE. Getting close to one of my June goals!

The Secret World

So, Chaide, myself, and our friend Cam have been recording a play through of The Secret World. It’s on my list of things to do for June, and I’m hoping to use my lunch breaks on work from home days to start getting those together. We played a bit through some of the Savage Coast area and did a bunch of the League of Monster Slayers quests. I love their lore, it’s pretty cool. The developers of TSW did a great job with dialogue and such. I feel like the game is still pretty underrated compared to the offerings.

Stronghold Time!

The majority of the weekend was taken up with Star Wars. I’m starting to dig the game, mainly because the professions, sorry, “Crew Skills” are great for “AFK days”. But I digress. One of the first things I did when I logged into game was to pick up my stronghold! I picked up the one on Dormund Kaas because it was the cheapest, though I think I want the one on Tatooine.

I tried to put down some furniture, but found it highly confusing. Housing, no matter the game, is not a strong suit, so I’m going to have to spend some time finding either guides on YouTube or spend some serious time putzing around to put things down.

I know some folks I’m playing with (Chaide included) are saving their companion quests for later on, but I’m really digging Kaliyo, and I love all the scenes with her–I can’t hold off on them! Besides, I always get confused what is what, so I end up doing them anyways. Ah well.

I really hope that Jhi’salith can marry her later on! Her attitude totally meshes with the way I play my Agent, so it’s a lot of fun.

Death by Lord Jadus

Chaide and I spent a bunch of time going through quests in Kaas City as well as working on our main storyline quests. Which seems to be the only way to really earn XP at the way we’re leveling, currently. Probably from that huge XP bonus that’s going on until fall. I did comment to Chaide that the game doesn’t feel very friendly to leveling with a friend at all. Unless you’re the same class or something.

Learning more about being an Imperial Agent was interesting. The best part, however, was when I told Lord Jadus that I wouldn’t bow down to him. Not once, but twice. And he kicked my ass on purpose. I hope that this is one of those actions that comes back and changes the story a bit for me. I’ve heard certain choices do this. Loyal as my Chiss is to the Empire, she is not interested in their religion, by any means.

Revanite Camp

We made it to the Revanite camp, as well. Their story is quite interesting, even if they are quite… fanatical. I’m kind of wary of them. Especially since there’s an expansion Shadow of Revan. I haven’t looked into spoilers much as I want to, so I’m interested in seeing what’s up with them. We didn’t get very far–we’re at the “steal the mask” quest, but I’m sure we’ll get back into TOR soon.

Okay, so, Alt-Z hasn’t been working to hide my UI in cutscenes like this when I really like to take photos. Any folks have a solution?

Gaming Goals: June

Gaming Goals: June


Gaming yesterday was a bit lacking. I did log into WildStar, but I mainly started taking care of some guild-management stuff for when we go F2P. A lot of combing the roster, seeing if folks have applied to our site, yada yada. I also put together Episode 5 of Yardcore Nexus, which takes some time. And it doesn’t always cooperate with the game, either, so at one point I had to sit and watch Netflix while my video rendered. I think that’s a sign I need an upgrade to my computer? But I’m not sure what to upgrade. Besides, we don’t have the extra cash for it right now, anyway.

Oh! I completely forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that some guildies helped me out with some attunement this weekend. I needed to kill the big slug guy, and they readily came out to help smash his face with me. It was very sweet of everybody, and it made me feel really good to know that the guild has people willing to work to help everybody even if they are already done with something, or whether they are not yet at that point. It’s just a really heartwarming feeling.

Since I didn’t really get a lot of gaming in due to some schedule changes IRL, I feel like it will be beneficial for me to set myself some gaming goals so that I don’t sign into a game I really want to play and then go, “OMG WHAT DO I DO?!” and then log out. Because having too much to choose from can sometimes be a bit… overwhelming. And then my anxiety flares up, and that’s never good. So, I’m thinking I’ll try to do this monthly! Not sure how interesting these posts will be, but feel free to add suggestions or make comments on my goals.

WildStar Goals

  • Reach the max tier of both the PvP and PvE contracts by the end of the month (I still have yet to max them since they came out)
  • Max my rep in the Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes (The first two daily areas. And no, I still haven’t finished maxing the reps.)
  • Finish out my PvP DPS set (purples)
  • Finish runing my PvE Tank and DPS sets (I need to stop putting this off, as now I’m starting to use it as an excuse to not run content)
  • Take care of my massive list of guild management-related items (Good thing we have Officers to help delegate!)
  • Find some more folks for Yardcore Nexus and have a video for every week this month
  • BONUS: Finish filling out my Outfitter tree



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach level 10 CUL
  • Reach level 10 ALC
  • Reach 35 MRD
  • Reach 30 GLA


  • Reach level 15
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Reach level 25
  • Run some more flashpoints for fun (and profit!)
  • Research professions and pick some up
  • Create a new character (healer?) for profession reasons
  • Purchase a personal stronghold
  • Access my personal ship
  • Try out the ship PvP (Ewwww spatial awareness… I’ll let y’all know how it goes!)


  • Get through the majority of Savage Coast (at least finish the amusement park stuff)
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog!


  • Play some more to get past the first few quests
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog

There you have it! Come July I’ll revisit the list and see what got done, and what didn’t. And re-evaluate what I think I can do each month based on that. (Especially since we have a vacation in July which will mean a week of no-gaming, again.)

The Weekend Report

The Weekend Report

I seem to post less on the weekends. I’d love to try to post more on the weekends. In fact, I’d love to try to start posting daily. See if I can get to it before Blaugust hits!

Boss Train, Woop Woop!

Saturday I hopped into WildStar for an officer meeting, and then a scheduled Rose Bowl event!

Not only did we do Rose Bowl, however, we started a World Boss Train. It was a lot of fun!

I even got to do R12 for the first time! I’d love to do both again!

We actually downed King Honeygrave!! He’s an extremely buggy boss (no pun intended) and can reset randomly sometimes. So it was awesome to get him down for the group. Unfortunately, I didn’t get credit for him (and I didn’t get credit for the other buggy boss over in Farside, either). So I’m hoping Carbine does some magic fixes on both so I can go back and snag them without glitches!

Saturday while I was out running chores, I also stopped at a Game Stop and picked up two more box copies of WildStar hoping our luck would win out. I got the hoverboard from my box, so I sent it over to Chaide as it was the last thing he needed. And he happened to get the Snarfelynx out of his box which is the last thing I needed. So now I have my fat farting cat! And a title! Hurrah!

Speaking of titles, I also finally redeemed my Anniversary gifts for my title, and toys, and Rowsdower! He’s all candy-fied! He is mine! And I shall call him my Squishy!

Saturday night we also hopped over to FFXIV for a bit. A good friend we gamed with in WildStar (whom we met in EVE and have kind of game-hopped with them until WildStar) has a FC over on Lamia. We had initially played there but left due to some complications with folks who have since moved servers. So I rolled up a new Magnolia Chestnut that’s going to try to main a Bard.

Honestly, I plan to play much more often over on Cactuar, but I do plan on every-so-often spending some time continuing to play with someone Chaide and I would consider family. And who knows, maybe I can get two different raiding environments. 😉 (I find it funny I look forward to raids in FFXIV but could care less about raids in all of the other MMOs I play…)

Wars and Podcasts

Sunday was some Star Wars. I did two flashpoints, put on gear that will last me through to level 50 (so long as I consistently change out my mods and such) and tried to fiddle with my spells. It’s a tad overwhelming the number of spells, so I’m looking for any help folks might have for a Marksman Imperial Agent!

I was also the guest over at Strange Tales from Outerspace (Episode 48) on Sunday! It was a lot of fun! If you missed the livecast, the podcast will be up sometime tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to link to it… so long as you don’t mind listening to my sailor’s mouth, haha. I vaguely recall someone in chat calling me “sassy” and I had a great chuckle about that. It kind of comes with the territory of being a Ginger. ;P

I’m also finishing up edits to the next Yardcore, and expect to post that baby sometime today. If you’re playing WildStar over on Entity, I’m looking for more volunteers (Exile or Dominion), so please hit me up and we’ll set a date and time to record!

What Makes a Villain?

What Makes a Villain?

If you didn’t know by now, Murf is hosting a Screenshot Safari competition during the Newbie Blogger Initiative.

I’m behind on entries, so there will be two this week, I’m sure. This one is based on the topic: Heroes or Villains.

It was kind of a tough topic for me to come up with, quite honestly. In WildStar, who are the real villains? The big bad? The factions we fight against? It didn’t feel quite so clear-cut. Because the premise of the game is that we are discovering what the Eldan have left on Nexus. So does that make the Eldan the big bads, or their creation(s)? Lots of questions to mull over, for sure, and not so cut-and-dry that I felt confident taking some shots in WildStar, because, honestly, I couldn’t answer any of those questions.

So I thought about Star Wars, because we just picked it back up to play with some WildStar guildies in their off-time. Again, there’s no real clear-cut definition of who is bad, and who is not. Granted, I’m not very far in (I just passed the starter zone), but based on what everyone knows of the movies, the Republic are the “heroes” and the Empire are the “villains”. Again, this is a little more like real-life where things aren’t so cut-and-dry and we’re all sort of doing bad and good things. Especially with the Light and Dark points in play, you can have a Light-leaning Sith and a Dark-leaning Jedi. It’s all convoluted.

Obviously the next thought was FFXIV. And I had a winner. Based upon where I am in the storyline (level 29), there is a clear-cut bad guy that is doing bad things that the entirety of Eorzea is currently trying to combat together. There is no question whatsoever on whom is the bad guy. None. The man in the black mask is bad. Convincing people to do bad things. Doing bad things to others. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are other bad-folks. But at this point in time, it seems they are working… not in conjunction, per se, but seem to be following the path that the Masked Man has laid out, whether they are cognizant of such or not.

So without further ado, I present to you my Villain picture of the Masked Man’s first cronie.

NBI Think
A topic for folks that may be interested: How does one define who is a hero or villan in a game? Is it story-based? Is it personal preference? What about MMOs versus single-player games?

Third Sub

Third Sub

Gym Battle

The long weekend was pretty nice. I have found that when I have more time to spend with Chaide, the less likely I am to take the time to blog. Which is great, because I love spending time with him, but I don’t take the time to do something else I love, and won’t take all that much time away from hanging out with him. Ah, the dilemma.

Anyway, this weekend I decided that I really needed to join a gym. Working out at home has turned into not working out at home. And my back is paying for it. To the point where I was considering seeing a chiropractor (which freaks me the hell out for various reasons we shall not get into). So I did some research of gyms in the area, and found one that’s 24 hours, just opened a new branch in the area, and will have classes soon. So we tried it out.

And I found that I really liked going to the gym. I do think it helps that it’s (1) a smaller gym with front-desk folks that already know our names after two visits, and (2) one of the front-desk folks has been a personal trainer and musculoskeletal therapist for thirty years, so he’s been teaching me exercises and stretches.

Two days after working with him (for free, mind) my back feels a million times better. So much better, in fact, that I feel like my walking posture is different. So yeah, my back was pretty tight… I didn’t go last night, as I had to go back to get my hair undercolor re-dyed (we Gingers do not take well to dying, so she had to up the volumizer… again.) but I plan on going tonight when Chaide gets off work. It also helps having a gym buddy to keep me accountable. Even if I don’t go every day. I’m really blessed to have a husband that supports me trying to better myself like he does. Like, really really lucky.


Monday, Chaide purchased a used DSi for me from one of his friends from his courses at school. I have the original DS in all its bulky glory, but I’ve been using it mainly to play the few GBA games I still own (mainly Monster Rancher, though I have a copy of Pokemon Emerald I have yet to play). So now on top of the four DS games I currently own (Brain Age, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Rhapsody (which is totally a blast from the past type thing, because I played that on a friend’s Playstation!), and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All), I have four new ones (Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Doctor, Super ScribbleNauts, and Nintendogs: Lab & Friends)!

Granted, I may trade in some of the ones I got to get something else, but I have more games to play. In which case, I may have a DS small enough to fit into my purse and be carried around for lunch break purposes (did I mention the original is kind of unwieldy?). Though I may alternate between reading one day and gaming the next.

Anybody have a DSi? Any games you’d recommend that would play well on it? In fact, what Game Boy Advance games would you suggest? I’m bummed I sold my Game Boy Color way back when, but at least I can download an emulator…

Doctor Who

We’ve been catching up on Doctor Who, as well. We had finished Season 7 and were kind of like, “Meh”. Smith took forever to grown on us, and the season just felt lackluster compared to prior seasons (though we like Clara a tad bit better than Amy, but Rory is still the best Companion in the 11th reign). We hadn’t watched any Doctor Who since watching the last of Season 7 months ago, as we don’t have cable.

So over the past few days we watched the 50th Anniversary episode, the final Matt Smith Christmas episode and the first episode of Season 8. For the record, we haven’t seen any spoilers on any of this, so it’s all new to us. How did we avoid spoilers, you ask? Well, for one, our friends who watch are also (mostly) the binge-watch types, or we don’t see them often enough to hear about it weekly. Secondly, we just kind of avoided social media for the big episodes.

The 50th Anniversary was amazing. I thought it was very well written, and tied up a lot of questions I had, and even some I didn’t. I loved the cameo, as well. The Christmas episode, however, was terrible. What the heck was I even watching? I just… it started off with so much promise! And then POOF! It was terrible. The only bit I did like from the episode was when they confirmed that the tenth doctor technically regenerated twice. It gave me great pleasure to hear that because I’ve been arguing that with some friends IRL for ages, and they’ve been poo-pooing me.

As I’ve only seen one episode with Capaldi doctor, I’m not too sure how I’ll like him. So far, I think he’s a good cast, and I’m looking forward to the second episode of Season 8 because it’s a space episode, and we haven’t had one of those good space-horror episodes since Donna, really.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jhi’salith the Chiss Imperial Agent

On the gaming front… well… we picked up SWTOR. Yep. And I really tried to play it F2P. I did. I truly did. And… it sucked. It sucked so bad. So, we subbed. However, even being a sub account, I feel  completely nickled-and-dimed on everything but the story. So whether I will stay subbed or not, we shall see. I will at least do so to level to max level.

I’m playing an Imperial Agent (Marksman), and I’m enjoying her. I did have fun with the story, and completed the first flashpoint. I do remember some of the things we did when we first played in beta/release, and they have made changes to make it a tad easier. There are things, however, I’ve found in WildStar and FFXIV that I miss not having in TOR. But I think that’s kind of run of the mill when you play multiple MMOs.

I was also extremely upset to find out that same-sex-romancing hadn’t yet been implemented (that I could find), because I can totally see my character’s personality (or how I play her) jiving with Kaliyo. However, a WildStar guildie did say they think it comes into play later on in the game (possibly the expansion) so we shall see. I was also a bit miffed with all the Light Points I kept getting with my choices, when I completely didn’t see them as being a Light Side choice. It feels like you either kill something to get Dark Points or do something manipulative (and possibly darker intentions than killing someone) to get Light Points. What if I’m just being strategic because I’m a damned Agent?!

Like, in my story arc, you could flirt with someone or kill them, so I decided to flirt with them to make them go away. But I got Light side points. Uh, what? Manipulating someone like that is just as dirty as killing them. And then saving the Cyborg in the flashpoint to interrogate him seems much more evil and sinister than killing him outright. In fact, killing him seems merciful in the situation. So, really, BioWare, what the hell constitutes a light or dark situation in your algorithm?

Annoyances aside, I do think I’ll enjoy the story, and there will be a bunch more screenshots on the blog. In fact, here’s a bunch! (Also, is it possible to hide the UI during cut-scenes?)

SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

Just a quick post. My computer’s corrupt hard drive is making it impossible to play the SW:TOR Beta on my computer (sad face!) but the Elephant is amazing and is letting me chug away at his computer. I’m currently taking a break to watch the Elephant play a bit of Skyrim and then watch the Watchmen before coming back to the Beta.

One of my goals for this weekend was to make matrixes for the class/race combinations since there have been very few floating around the community. The only one that I have seen, which is somewhat outdated if I recall, was one in a gaming magazine from last year. Since I haven’t seen any others pop up around the community, I put some together as a guide for those interested in what they could play.

If you plan on sharing these, please link back to the blog. I did put a lot of effort into putting these together for people to use.

Hope they help some people out! (Click to enlarge.)